Jeeping In Israel: Know the Tips and Tricks to Plan a Perfect Jeeping Trip

Jeeping In Israel: Know the Tips and Tricks to Plan a Perfect Jeeping Trip

Jeeping in Israel can be adventurous and fun as it is different from your regular travels to new places. You can explore the less popular but extremely beautiful remote areas of Israel by taking on a jeeping journey. The exhilarating journey on four wheels following the uneven and rugged terrain will definitely give you an otherworldly experience. However, in order to experience an amazing jeeping trip, you need to make a proper plan. In this article, I will help you with the planning by providing some important tips. So, note them down and make your perfect jeeping trip to the holy land of Israel. 

The appeal of Jeeping in Israel

Jeeping in Israel is not like your regular Israel trip to a historical place. The jeeping journey itself is a thrilling adventure for people of different age groups. The versatile topography of Israel will allow you to experience different kinds of natural attractions and the raw beauty of the places. You can travel through remote places by taking on the jeeping trip where you can not go otherwise. Along with enjoying the beauty of nature you can also meet local people from remote places and learn more about their culture and lifestyle. You will also get the scope to experience the skill and expertise of the jeep drivers while travelling through the rough and wild areas. 

How to Plan the Tour Perfectly

  1. Select the right operator

The first step in planning a jeeping journey is to choose an experienced tour operator. Check their ratings and safety records to make sure they are familiar with this type of journey and good at it. Also, make sure the tour operators follow the safety regulations and environmental rules. 

  1. Decide your route plan

Once you have chosen the tour operator talk with them and decide a route plan. Consider what type of areas attract you the most, desert, hills or lush nature. Plan your trip accordingly so you can cover all your favourite places. 

  1. Pack essentials

Make sure to pack the essential things for going on a jeeping trip such as water bottles, light snacks, a power bank, a change of clothes, a camera and binoculars. Also, pack essential medicines if you need them.

  1. Dress appropriately 

You have to select the proper outfit for a jeeping trip according to the weather. Wear comfortable clothes, closed-toe shoes and hats if the weather is sunny. Wear extra layers and gloves if the weather is on the cooler side. 

  1. Consider the safety measures 

Talk with your tour operator and make sure the jeep has proper safety measures and equipment. The driver and the guide should have proper training for travelling the rough areas. Also, check if they have first aid kits and essentials for emergencies. 

Some Important Tips 

  • Try to plan your trip during September-October or April-May. These are the best times for travelling in Israel.
  • Make sure to learn the basics about the local customs and language. It will help you immensely.
  • Follow all local environmental rules and safety measures.

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