Key Considerations When Choosing a Baby Shower Venue

Key Considerations When Choosing a Baby Shower Venue

When throwing a baby shower, your aim is usually to create a memorable experience while celebrating both the mom-to-be and the arrival of new life. But a key part of all this is the venue you choose as it will influence what people will remember the most. It will also be the backdrop of your photos and influence the rest of the occasion. In other words, it’s the biggest consideration.

This means that when planning the baby shower, you will need to carefully consider the venue and ensure you choose the right one. Below are some key considerations you can use when evaluating baby shower venues.

What Mom Wants

If you are planning the baby shower for a friend, the most important consideration is the kind of event she wants. This is because she’s the center of attention (at least for now), and you want to ensure that she feels cherished and celebrated. So first, talk to her and ask what she envisions the shower to be like. Would she like a relaxed brunch with her friends or a more elaborate affair? Does she want an all-female guest list or a unisex event?

Once you get the basics, you can then work your magic from there. To create the theme, consider the personality and what she generally likes. This includes her favorite colors, hobbies, patterns, etc. Through it all, ensure that her tastes are reflected and that she feels comfortable and excited throughout the event.

Location & Size

When choosing a baby shower venue, you will need to consider the convenience of both the mum-to-be and the guests. Ideally, opt for a location that is easily accessible to everyone. But if not, the mum-to-be should come first. Chances are that you’ll have many options in the area you’d like, so you can then consider other factors, such as the theme of the baby shower and the elegance.

The number of guests you’ve invited also goes hand in hand with the location. You will need to ensure that all your guests can comfortably fit in without feeling overcrowded. But at the same time, you don’t want a venue that’s too big in comparison to your guest list, as this will remove the feeling of intimacy.

Budget & Cost

Venues can often account for a huge percentage of the event cost. As such, the cost should be a key consideration relative to the budget. During the planning phase, you will most likely have come up with a budget for each of the various items on the list, including the venue. Your choice of venue should conform to the budget you have set and not go overboard.

Throughout the search process, it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to increase your budget; you just have to search more. To maximize the budget, you can consider venues that offer discounted rates on off-peak hours or weekdays. You can also enquire about the flexibility they offer, such as bringing your decorations or catering.

Facilities and Amenities

Based on your invited guests, you will also need to consider the facilities and amenities provided by a particular venue. These are important as they will significantly contribute to the overall comfort and convenience of your guest. Some of the things you can look at here are enough parking depending on your invited guests and whether the seating and layout are conducive for a baby shower. If the venue provides the right facilities and amenities, this will go a long way in ensuring that everyone can relax and focus on celebrating the joyous occasion.

Reviews and Recommendations

The location of where you will host the event is a significant decision, so you shouldn’t make it alone. You can enlist the help of others who have held events there to gain insights into what you can expect. For this, you can look at online reviews, which are readily available. There’s also word of mouth.

But before you fully settle on the venue, make an effort to go in person and ask any questions that you might have. You can also inquire about any concerns, from catering options to setup restrictions. This way, you will know what to expect and ensure an enjoyable baby shower for the mum-to-be and the guests.

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