Make this Christmas your own…

Make this Christmas your own…

By Rachel Ducker

Christmas is by far one of my favourite times of the year, although I must confess, nearing the end of 2020 with everything that’s happened this year I can’t help but feel a little differently about the festive season approaching?

We are still in lockdown, I have’t seen my family for some time, but time is something I do have.

This year I have decided to use ‘time’ to my advantage and do something a little more different and meaningful with my Christmas celebrations.

Making this year memorable

I am a very sentimental person, I save and collect random items that in the future, when I look back on, I will reminiscent of that thing I found at a certain time or place in my life.

So this year when I have my family round, I want to create a few personal tokens that they can take away with them and can save for future Christmas’s to come.

I then came across Wayfair’s ‘Christmas Your Way’ campaign, where they are embracing all things artisan by collaborating with DIY blogger, Fall for DIY creating Christmas table setting ideas and Christmas decorations.

Her table ideas really jumped out at me, if I create something like this for every member of my family, we can start a new tradition and we can use them every year.

DIY Personalised Coaster Place Settings

This idea is simple but beautiful.

What You’ll Need:

Terrazzo coasters
Vinyl name – cut out or order online
Transfer tape

Step 1

Clean the surface of each coaster with warm soapy water and dry with a cloth. Leave for a few minutes until it feels completely dry to the touch.

Step 2

Cut off a small piece of transfer tape which will cover the entire name you have chosen for coaster place setting. Layer this over the vinyl name and press down.

Step 3

Rub over the tape and vinyl using the scraper. Keep in mind that you want to create a strong bond between the tape and the vinyl.

Step 4

Carefully peel back the tape to remove the vinyl from the backing in one piece.

Step 5

Place the backing tape sticky side down onto the coaster ensuring it is positioned in the centre.

Step 6

Use the scraper to rub over the surface of the tape again. This time you want the vinyl to adhere to the coaster.

Step 7

Peel back the transfer tape from one corner. Do this slowly and carefully checking all the vinyl is stuck down onto the coaster as you go. If the vinyl sticks to the tape use the scraper to rub this area again and try peeling a second time.

Step 8

Once the tape is off your place setting is ready. Here the coasters have been styled with some natural dried palm fronds for a boho twist on a festive look.

So let’s use this time we have by doing something positive, join me by getting creative and making memories that will last for years to come.

Images c/o Fall for DIY

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