Making money with sports betting algorithms

Making money with sports betting algorithms

Sports betting algorithms are programs that use mathematical deductions to calculate the probability of sports betting outcomes on sites such as This technology was not highly rated at first, however, it is gradually becoming mainstream as many are beginning to see it on the good side. Combining these algos with the best football betting offers would yield highly substantial gains, making them very valuable. If you are new to this, this catalog of Payforit bookies will show you how sports betting algorithms work and the process of making money with them.

How Do these Algorithms Work?

Understandably, you may have initial doubts about how credible a computer program is in making predictions. Let’s take a moment to explain how it works.

Sports betting algorithms have access to team and players’ data and statistics that allow some complex evaluations. They first collate the data and then evaluate them with several complex mathematical evaluations. With the results and available information, the program provides a solution which gives the answers to the possible outcome of the speculated event.

Before you get too excited, you should know that sports betting algorithms are not a holy grail. It gives you high probability results which are very accurate, but it is not also 100% certain. Their results also come from team data and statistics, and not some special winning algorithm.

Types of Sports Betting Algorithms

Sports betting algorithms come in two broad categories namely:

  • Betting Arbitrage Algorithm: Arbitrage betting is a strategy that entails capitalising on odds change to make profits. It involves using an exchange to place a regular bet at a good odds, then placing another against it. Profits come when the odds change and you are almost sure of guaranteed profits. Using the betting arbitrage algorithm helps you to automate the whole process and get everything done with the help of a computer program. However, some consider it a bit flawed because it has nothing to do with calculating probability and outcome.
  • Value Betting Algorithm: This variant is more popular and is highly rated as the best sports betting algorithm over its arbitrage counterpart. The whole explanation of using team data and statistics to calculate potential outcomes is the perfect description of this algo. And since its results are based on real-time data, a lot of people consider it quite accurate.

Mode Of Operation For Value Betting Algorithm

There is not much to say about the arbitrage algorithm as it doesn’t do a lot of calculations. However, its value betting counterpart does its work in a rather interesting fashion. Let’s take a look at the two-step process that it operates.

Expected Value Evaluation

When placing any stakes, the aim is to make profits, isn’t it? So it means that to have a successful wager, your returns from a bet must be greater than the amount you risked on it. This is where the expected value evaluations come into play.

The program is designed to first access the expected value which could either be profits or loss. And with the help of past data, this evaluation is made possible. The algorithm calculates if the event is feasible based on previous data. For example, if a player scored at least 15 goals over the past three seasons, then there is a probability of such a player doing it again in a new season. The expected value of that outcome is a highly probable profit.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a highly underrated part of this operation. The goal is to place the right stakes with the appropriate risk sizes. Using an algorithm doesn’t guarantee a 100% win rate so risk management still applies. However, the algorithm does it more smartly.

Rather than working with fixed percentages, it offers a more dynamic approach. In short, the lower the probability of an outcome, the lesser the risk. And the higher the probability, the more the stake.  That way, the gap between winning and losing bets will be very substantial, hence making it a profitable venture.

Can You Really Make Money With Sports Betting Algorithms?

The simple answer is yes. It is very possible to make money with sports betting algorithms, you can try and bet at Mastercard betting sites. In fact, some are already doing so. What is more interesting is that these algorithms are undergoing several improvements and modifications as the years go by, making them more perfect. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before it becomes fully mainstream. And considering the size of the sports industry, algorithms have a lot of data to use, making it a very huge venture.

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