Martinhal share their family recipes to bring families a taste of Portugal

Martinhal share their family recipes to bring families a taste of Portugal

Martinhal have shared some of their Chef’s family orientated recipes, so that parents and their children can enjoy the delicious hotel dishes from home. Martinhal’s #MartinhalMemories may have had to pause in the hotels, but the brand are determined to help families continue to enjoy their time together in the best way possible and helping them to bring a little bit more of Martinhal to their homes.

  • This week the Chef Micael has shared some of the hotel’s baby speciality recipes, including some of Martinhal’s baby purees and porridges. From porridge and coconut to pumpkin puree butter, sweet potatoes and hake, these balanced and healthy baby dishes will delight even the youngest taste buds.
  • Families will also be able to bring a taste of Portugal home, with specialist Portuguese recipes including Martinhal’s prawn dish, Coconut milk and chillian Mussels from Sagres and even the famous Pastéis de Nata – Custard tarts, quick and delicious dishes and treats that the family will love.
  • Following requests from guests to share the breakfast recipe, Martinhal have now also shared their Chef Micael’s popular breakfast Muesli recipe. Martinhal breakfasts can now be enjoyed from home until families can once again travel.

Other ways to travel to Martinhal from your sofa 

  • With Martinhal dishes prepped and cooked, families can put on Martinhal’s playlist of songs from O Terraço restaurant, curated by Yen Sung – Portugal’s most famous DJ. Enjoy the playlist and dream of the amazing views of the beach, or even put on the live webcam of Martinhal Beach in Sagres and relax.
  • Story time at Martinhal is a special experience for all of the families who stay. To bring a piece of that back to UK homes, Martinhal have shared the Rafi and Rosita Story, of how the hotel Foxes came to live at Martinhal. Families can download the story from here.

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