Hotel Review: Matfen Hall,  Where History Meets Luxury

Hotel Review: Matfen Hall, Where History Meets Luxury

By Rachel Ducker

Matfen Hall stands as a timeless testament to the grandeur of England’s architectural heritage.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant city of Newcastle, this stately home-turned-luxury hotel has seamlessly blended history, elegance, and modern luxury to create a haven for those seeking a refined escape, making it the prime location for romantic escapes, family getaways and indulgent afternoons. 

It is more than just a destination; it’s a retreat that promises a harmonious union of the past and the present.

A Time Honoured Treasure

The history of Matfen Hall stretches back over three centuries, with roots deeply embedded in the region’s aristocratic lineage.

Originally constructed in 1832 by Sir Edward Blackett, this imposing Georgian mansion was designed to reflect the grandeur of the period, complete with ornate features and expansive gardens.

The hallmark of the property, the imposing grandeur of the hall’s façade, immediately transports visitors to a bygone era, evoking the opulence of the early 19th century.

In its storied history, Matfen Hall has been the residence of various notable families and was even a temporary home to soldiers during World War II. Today, this stately mansion has been transformed into a luxury hotel, combining its rich heritage with contemporary amenities, making it a quintessential English escape.

Watch snippets from my Matfen Hall visit here…

Luxury Accommodation

Matfen Hall’s luxurious rooms cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Each room is adorned with antique furnishings, plush fabrics, and elegant decor, ensuring that every guest is enveloped in a sense of luxury.

Luxury Suites provide an opulent haven with Emperor-sized beds, marble en-suite bathrooms, and meticulous design.

Classic Bedrooms merge classic and contemporary gentility with views overlooking the manicured gardens.

Balcony Bedrooms offer private balconies with scenic views, Deluxe Bedrooms provide extra space, and accessible rooms cater to those with mobility needs.

No matter your choice, a welcoming atmosphere, exceptional service, and a chance to immerse yourself in Northumberland’s historic charm await, ensuring an unforgettable and comfy stay.

Gastronomic Delights

One of the standout features of Matfen Hall is its culinary offerings.

Emerald Restaurant

A dining space housed in a former library with original bookshelves, offers a unique ambience for a memorable dining experience. The menu showcases the best of Northumbrian cuisine, with a strong emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients.

Cloisters Restaurant

Provides an all-encompassing dining adventure, from the break of dawn to the fall of night. Begin your day with a delectable à la carte breakfast and relish a delightful lunch from the daytime menu. As twilight approaches, surrender to the allure of the evening menu, featuring exquisite seasonal dishes.

The Orangery

Surround yourself in a luminous and inviting ambience, it’s the perfect destination for those in pursuit of the ultimate Afternoon Tea.

Accompanied by your choice of Newby Tea, Café Du Monde Coffee, or Laurent-Perrier Champagne, indulging in Afternoon Tea at The Orangery offers a truly opulent escape.


An elegant oasis for sipping a glass of champagne or a signature cocktail, while taking in the breathtaking Northumberland landscape. Crafted from rich oak and adorned with exquisitely detailed plasterwork, 1832’s interior is a marvel, ensuring a splendid atmosphere that guests can effortlessly settle into.


Provides the perfect ambience for leisurely conversations with friends and an elegant haven to enjoy at any hour. With garden-view windows, a crackling open fire, here you can dine in the sophisticated setting of this exquisitely proportioned bar.

Unforgettable Activities


There are ample opportunities for leisure and recreation. The 27-hole golf course, set against the backdrop of the stunning countryside, offers a challenge for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. Let off some steam in the all-year-round 10-bay Driving Range or invest in some coaching for all levels of abilities. 

The Retreat Spa

The spa’s facilities include a serene swimming pool, hot tub, and a well-appointed sauna and steam room. Surrounded by the estate’s natural beauty, guests can unwind, detoxify, and indulge in the warm waters. For those inclined towards fitness, there’s a fully equipped gym available.

There is a selection of spa packages for both individuals and couples, which combine treatments, access to the spa’s facilities, and the option for a leisurely lunch or afternoon tea.

Champagne Tasting

Matfen Hall curates a carefully chosen selection of champagne, featuring some of the most renowned and celebrated labels from France. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a novice, the offerings cater to a wide range of palates, from crisp and refreshing Brut to the more complex and decadent Grand Cru varieties.

Tasting Sessions: Guests are guided through their champagne journey by knowledgeable and passionate experts who share insights into the history, production, and nuances of each champagne. These sessions offer a chance to not only savour the effervescent delights but also to learn about the craftsmanship behind each bottle.

Other activities

The estate also offers a wide range of activities for the adventurous, including archery, falconry, and cycling, all set against the breathtaking landscape of Northumberland.

Upcoming Events

Beyond its appeal as a luxury hotel, Matfen Hall is an exquisite venue for weddings, conferences, and special events. The grandeur of the hall, the lush gardens, and the dedicated events team ensure that every occasion is both memorable and truly spectacular.

Coming up at Christmas, glide into a joyful and unforgettable ice skating experience this December at Le Jardin Hollandaise. It’s the perfect setting for festive fun with your cherished ones, as our unique parkland offers a picturesque backdrop for your winter adventure.

Whether you’re young or young at heart, you’re in for a delightful time on the ice, you can sip on the elegance of Laurent-Perrier Champagne, while the little ones can relish a choice of a soft drink or a scrumptious hot chocolate as they twirl and whirl on the rink.

There are also plenty of wreath making workshops along with a festive grotto and Christmas markets to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Local Surroundings

There are many things to do nearby Maften Hall, but for history lovers a trip to Vindolanda is a must.

Vindolanda is best known for its well-preserved Roman fort and settlement, which dates back to the 1st century AD. The site is famous for the discovery of the Vindolanda Tablets, a collection of wooden writing tablets that provide invaluable insights into daily life on the Roman frontier. These tablets reveal everything from personal correspondence to inventory lists, shedding light on the experiences of soldiers and civilians alike.

Upon arriving at Vindolanda, you’ll find a visitor center that offers a wealth of information about the site’s history and the ongoing archaeological excavations. You can learn about the diverse and vibrant community that once thrived here, and the many artifacts that have been unearthed over the years.

The centrepiece of Vindolanda is the reconstructed Roman fort, where you can stroll through the ancient streets and peer into the reconstructed buildings. You’ll have a chance to see the impressive defensive walls and imagine what life was like for the Roman soldiers stationed here. The fort is set against the stunning backdrop of the Northumberland landscape, creating a mesmerising contrast of history and nature.

Vindolanda is also home to the Roman Army Museum, which offers even more context and insight into the lives of the Romans who called this place home. The museum boasts a wide range of exhibits, including displays of Roman weaponry, artefacts, and interactive exhibits that engage visitors of all ages.

You can book a personal tour from Ancient Britain here.

The verdict

Matfen Hall is not just a place to stay; it’s a place to experience.

The combination of rich history, opulent accommodation, and superb dining options make it a prime destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, while still remaining in close proximity to the vibrant city of Newcastle.

This stately retreat stands as a testament to the enduring charm of the English countryside, offering a luxurious and historic experience that’s second to none. Matfen Hall is a timeless gem that invites visitors to step back in time, indulge in modern comforts, and create lasting memories in an enchanting setting.

Fact Box

Address: Matfen Hall Hotel, Matfen, Newcastle upon Tyne NE20 0RH

Phone: 01661 886500


Email: [email protected]

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