Menswear Trends in 2021: What Fashionable Chaps Need to Know

Menswear Trends in 2021: What Fashionable Chaps Need to Know

Many men make the misplaced assumption that rigidly adhering to this season’s trends makes them stylish dressers. However, blindly following trends simply because they are hot at a given moment is a recipe for disaster. Not only that but doing so will cost you a pretty penny.

Instead, achieving something as ethereal and elusive as being fashionable tends to rely on telling the difference between fads and the classics of the future. As a result, there are some trends you’d do best to avoid, whereas others will make you the best-dressed bloke around. Here are some of this year’s trends that are actually worth incorporating into your wardrobe.

Looser Fits

With the 2000s and 2010s firmly in the rear-view mirror, the days of tight, form-fitting clothing are truly behind us in 2021. Breezy, loose silhouettes are becoming increasingly popular at present, and form-fitting cuts are looking more and more dated with each passing day.

This represents a rebirth of the styles that were popular back in the 1980s and 1990s. While it can sometimes appear like you are simply wearing garments that are a few sizes too big, this style can look great if pulled off right

Looser fits are popular at present, regardless of whether your style is more streetwear-focused or tailored suits. However, if you are looking for an elegant, loose suit, you must drop into your local tailor. Relaxed fits are only flattering as long as they fit correctly, and your tailor will be able to help with this. You can also use an overcoat, check here to learn on how should an overcoat fit.

Additionally, oversized activewear is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to break a sweat in style, consider a men’s oversized tracksuit. For example, companies like Gym King provide the best men’s oversized tracksuits right now.

Floral Patterns

The floral designs of the 1970s have been making a comeback for some time now. Over the past five years, the funky patterns of the disco era have been making their way back into mainstream fashion. In 2021, floral clothing reigns supreme.

Nearly every large designer has incorporated patterns that are somewhat reminiscent of your grandma’s curtains into their clothing this year. While this might not sound exceptionally stylish, they are actually much more wearable than you might think.

Bold floral patterns are an excellent way to bring a pop of colour and style to any outfit, and designers like Burberry have been instrumental in the return of these garments. From shirts to shorts, floral designs can make any outfit a statement, helping you stand out from the crowd this year. While this is an excellent style, exercise caution with these pieces. It’s probably best to stick to one bold pattern per outfit and pair it with more muted, toned-down clothes. 

Cover Your Ankles

One of the most prominent trends of the 2010s was the decision to bare ankles to the world. If you are still part of this group of people, it’s high time to give it up. The style of pairing mocassins and low-cut socks is looking increasingly dated at this point, so consider investing in some nice new socks with stylish designs.

If you are hell-bent on showing off the lower part of your legs when you’re in trousers, you should really limit this to the summer months. In Autumn and Winter, nothing looks more out of place than someone’s ankles poking out below the cuffs of their jeans. There are so many options for comfortable and stylish socks on the market, so why not pick up a few pairs?

Comfort is the Name of the Game

While we cannot really know the global state of affairs during the latter months of the year and beyond, you should dress the part if you are still working from home.

Chances are that Covid-19 will stick around for some time. This has left many businesses and employees to elect for a more flexible working schedule. A lot of work is now done from the comfort of our own homes. While restrictions might remain in place across the globe in general, this doesn’t mean you should be wearing restrictive clothing.

Luxury loungewear and house shoes are trending massively this year. If you want to get the most from your working day at home, consider investing in some hoodies, loose overshirts, tracksuit bottoms, and breezy tees. There are many options here for workwear that will bring the utmost comfort but won’t look out of place if you need to jump into a Zoom call.

The trends mentioned above are some of the biggest that we’ve seen this year. We are now firmly in the 2020s and, with this, many styles are beginning to look dated. Form-fitting clothing is going the way of the dodo, and retro styles are bigger than ever. Ultimately, however, you should look for clothing that compliments your natural style, and you feel comfortable in.

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