Monitor Audio turns up the volume with launch of new range of Silver Series speakers

Monitor Audio turns up the volume with launch of new range of Silver Series speakers

Delivering sound that will leave you speachless

With spend up by a third on home improvements and DIY in the UK[i], latest data shows that the nation is continuing to focus on sprucing up homes – despite lockdown easing. With people looking to make the most of their homes, now’s the time to add exceptionally lifelike sound to hi-fi or home theatre set-ups. That’s why Monitor Audio is this month unveiling the 7th generation line-up of its class-leading Silver Series speakers. 

Known for its rich history in creating world-class audio experiences, Monitor Audio has revamped its best-selling Silver Series range to combine class-leading performance and bold, powerful sound with a refined and understated look.

From bookshelf speakers to floorstanders, the Monitor Audio Silver Series 7G range embodies decades of audio expertise and has undergone a complete upgrade in performance, design and build quality. With every song, every note, every word telling a story, the Monitor Audio Silver Series 7G guarantees that the sound heard by the listener is more powerful and meaningful than ever before. Whether watching a new film or listening to that old LP for the thousandth time, these speakers ensure the listener hears it with beautiful clarity and depth – no matter the volume.

Taking centre stage in the new line-up is the Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G; the latest generation of its incredibly popular floorstander. This incorporates Monitor Audio’s most advanced engineering yet, for sound that will leave you speechless. With much of the technology at play hidden, this floorstander features real-wood veneers for a natural look, along with a newly developed Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II driver design for the most natural possible sound. It’s designed to reduce distortion, so that when music is played loud, it remains very, very clear.

The sophisticated, modern aesthetic of the floorstanding speaker makes it a must have for any music or movie aficionado. Every element, from the sleek trims and surrounds to the choice of five stylish wood veneer finishes, ensures the speakers will complement any home. With the grain of the wood visible in the two brand-new real wood veneer finishes (natural walnut and ash) no two speakers are the same, creating a design truly unique to each home.

For those looking to create the ultimate in-home cinema experience, the Silver 300 7G, along with the rest of the Silver Series range, can be paired with the Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos® Enabled Speaker. Designed to perfectly sit atop the Silver 300 7G, the Silver AMS 7G puts you right inside the film by creating an immersive three dimensional sound experience with unprecedented realism

With a focus on making audio human, Monitor Audio’s Silver Series 7G line-up features eight models in total and builds on the latest acoustic innovations. The brand-new compact drivers and optimised tweeter design with added compression ring improve dispersion and coherence all while reducing distortion, resulting in a smooth natural listening experience.

Working seamlessly together, the technologies boast massive performance benefits, allowing listeners to indulge in clear, complex sound rarely heard in the home.

Silver 300 7G retails at £1,450 (RRP) and the Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos® retails at £650 (RRP). For more information about the entire line-up and stockist details visit Monitor Audio here.

Silver Series 7G Key Features:

  • The new RST II cone profile with hexagonal dimpled structure provides a more rigid profile to the cone, resulting in clearer more natural sound.
  • Optimised mid-range driver design also featured in our Gold Series has been reduced to 3” with massive performance benefits, including increased bandwidth, for a smoother crossover with the tweeter and reduced distortion, making louder sound clearer than ever.
  • The smaller driver size acts more as a point source providing better directivity of sound, improving the quality of the listening experience.
  • New tweeter design with brand new magnet structure, rear chamber design and surround
  • Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II technology including compression ring technology creates a more lifelike sound by improving dispersion and increasing sensitivity above 10kHz, optimising the diffusion pattern and reducing distortion, allowing you to hear details you’ve never heard before.  
  • New trims and surrounds
  • New moulded ABS outrigger feet for more stability
  • Contemporary “sharp” aesthetic, allowing the introduction of two new real wood veneers: Natural Walnut and Ash
  • Add the new Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos® enabled speaker for certified up-firing Dolby Atmos® effect, bringing cinematic sound to life.

For further information about the Silver Series, visit


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