Must-have Items for a Boho Chic Wardrobe

Must-have Items for a Boho Chic Wardrobe

Bohemian style has been dominating the world of fashion since the late 60s and has remained one of the all-time favorite fashion aesthetics. Its hippie vibe, natural fabrics, retro patterns with its unique statement accessories, makes it a fashion favorite look.

But one cannot constrict boho style into a mere fashion aesthetic, it is an actual representation of a culture that has unique ideologies and a complicated, yet fascinating history. Its artistic and creative elements, bold and relaxed look, along with its traditional but unconventional aesthetics make it phenomenal.

So, if you want to be a part of this phenomenal fashion aesthetics, fill your wardrobe with these bohemian styles and ace this leading Bohemian chic fashion trend.

1.    The vintage Fringed Leather Jacket

The vintage fringed leather jacket is a real representation of the bohemian fashion aesthetic. The fringe garments have been around for more than a century now and have been a favourite of fashionistas around the globe. But, it has recently evolved and reinterpreted in various forms. They are a part of the mainstream bohemian style and a true representative of a boho-chic style. The rugged, yet stylish fringed leather jacket can be styled with your daily outfit. When tailored with perfect accessories, these fringed vintage leather jackets can turn you into a runway model.

2.    A fabulous Maxi Dress

Aesthetic-looking maxi dress is another must-have for a boho-chic wardrobe. These dresses are light and comfortable. The fine print pattern along with the lace details make it one of the most desirable fashion items of the twenty-first century. The nature-inspired prints, the earthy shades such as beige, and hues of brown will bring a unique bohemian vibe to your wardrobe.

So, create your own fashion statement with a printed maxi dress with chunky accessories.

3.    Breezy peasant blouse and/or crochet tops with intricate embroidery

Breezy, comfortable little blouses are one of the highlights of bohemian fashion. These tops are made of lightweight fabric, which will allow your skin to breathe easily and give you a trendy, yet hippy look. The intricate embroidery of the crochet tops will give you an effortless, yet glamorous beach look.

These peasant blouses and crochet tops are going to be a treat for all the boho-chic lovers out there.

4.    A statement head wraps and headbands.

A boho fashion is incomplete without its fine accessories. One such inevitable boho fashion statement is the headbands. They come in various patterns, colors, and prints. Mostly, the texture and prints in these headbands will give a natural and exotic touch to your final look. Instead of buying a headband, you can go for a scarf or customized bandana as from 4inbandana and tie your hair. It will create a wild and trendy fashion statement.

5.    Chunky Bohemian jewellery

Bohemian fashion is incomplete without its accessories and chunky jewellery. The chunky bangles, layered chains, and rings are the highlight of boho fashion. This jewellery is usually loose, layered, and is mostly made of stones, pearls, shells, feathers, or other natural elements. This jewellery will give you a touch of nature and freshness.  

The bohemian Leather Necklace, the turquoise chocker, Suede jewelry, and other ornaments will highlight your fashion sense. So, pair your jeans or crocheted top with an oxidized choker Necklace and LaCkore boho earrings to create your personal fashion statement.

6.    Crochet Bohemian Vest

Vintage crochet bohemian vest that ruled the 70s is still popular amidst boho-chic lovers. The colorful and crochet patterned bohemian vest will give you a hippie and trendy look. Its length varies from thigh to knee with fringes in the bottom. The airy pattern will give you a cool and confident look. This free-spirited form of style is a must-have for all the boho-chic lovers out there.

7.    Boho leather sandals

Boho leather sandal is a very comfortable fashion item, best for warm weather conditions. They are very light, polished, and highly stylish.  They are available in a range of patterns. An easy slip-on and off boho sandal is highly comfortable. If you wish to make a high fashion statement, then go for strappy lace-up sandals which will be perfect with your denim shorts. The Birkenstock nz classic sandal is best for long-lasting and rough use.

Beautiful styled hippie girl at the beach, boho fashion

8.    Boho wide-brim hat

A boho wide brim hat is another must-have fashion item. You can go for a simple straw hat that will look stunning with your sunglasses and complete your perfect summer outfit. In winter you can style your skinny jeans with a floppy brimmed felt hat.

9.    Hippie Chic purse

A bohemian purse can give a finishing touch to your outfit. It is available in various shapes and patterns. Whether it is a fringy, medium-sized cross-body bag or a trendy rattan circle-shaped bag, it will be perfect for all the earthy girls out there.

So, fill your wardrobe with these amazing garments and phenomenal accessories to ace the boho-chic fashion trends.

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