NIO Cocktails Unveils New Hawaii-Inspired Cocktail Series

NIO Cocktails Unveils New Hawaii-Inspired Cocktail Series

Get ready to be swept away to a paradise of rolling waves, blue skies, and white sandy beaches without ever leaving your home.

NIO Cocktails, a company committed to democratising the cocktail experience, ensuring that everyone can easily enjoy a delicious cocktail wherever they are, is thrilled to announce the launch of Postcards from Hawaii, the latest addition to its acclaimed Postcards from… series.

The enticing set features a hot Mai Tai (Waikiki), a spicy mango Margarita (Kahala), a tropical pineapple and mango twist on the classic Negroni (Sandy), and a uniquely tropical vodka-based signature cocktail inspired by the celestial ocean (Lanikai).

As the fourth instalment in the NIO Cocktails series, this launch promises to take your taste buds on a new adventure.

Previously, NIO Cocktails has whisked people away to Japan, Venice, and France. Now, the Hawaii-inspired series awaits, offering a fresh, tropical experience.

Postcards from Hawaii can be purchased for £29 via and select retailers across the UK.

Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi Comments:

“Aloha E Komo Mai to Honolulu! My trip to Oahu, Hawaii—famous for its rolling waves and white sandy beaches—inspired me to create this collection.

Having savoured fresh mango, pineapple, and agave, I was inspired to create tropical cocktails! By creating these cocktails, I hope to bring the essence of Hawaii to people’s homes, allowing them to embark on a culinary journey without leaving their doorstep.

During my stay in Hawaii, I meticulously crafted a tropical Negroni, a hot Mai Tai, a spicy mango Margarita, and a uniquely exotic signature cocktail. Each concoction pays homage to this lush, tropical land steeped in culture and folklore, aiming to transport your taste buds with every sip.”

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