Not Your Average Pet Shop — Meet Nooshie

Not Your Average Pet Shop — Meet Nooshie

Nooshie has entered the UK market as the ‘home of pet trend’, offering a carefully curated selection of products for pets to be the best-dressed at the park.

Founded with roots in the retail fashion industry, Nooshie is the ultimate one-stop-shop for fun and stylish pet products inspired by the latest fashion trends. In other words, it’s where only the trendiest pets shop.

The UK retailer offers a huge selection of clothes, accessories, toys, and food from a unique brand mix, which is carefully curated for its furry consumers. 

Whether you’re shopping for your dog, cat, bird, or rabbit, every pet can be on trend.

Products include several stylish coats, jumpers and shirts designed to be fun and practical with prices starting from just £14.99. Your pup can be bark of the park with its own formal suit jacket ideal for any glamourous occasion!  

Among the products that customers can buy, you’ll find trendy brands including Over Glam who sell a variety of clothing and accessories with a high fashion aesthetic. 

Offering exceptional outdoor gear for dogs and owners is best-selling brand Long Paws. Whether it be for a long hiking trail, beautiful boat ride, camping expedition or beach trip, Long Paws has you covered!

When asked what being part of the Nooshie community means to them, Lauren Bentley, said, “We’ve worked with Nooshie from the very start. They’re creating something really special. We’re proud to showcase our Long Paws range on their platform.”

In line with Nooshie’s values, Lauren believes: “You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style when buying quality dog kit! We’ve got a little bit of Long Paws magic to suit every loyal pooch.”

To view Nooshie’s range of products and shop up to 40% off brands for the next few weeks*, click here or follow them on Facebook.

Fancy a chance to win 50% off Nooshie products? Head over to their Instagram, and tag @nooshie in a crazy picture of your dog- there’s three vouchers up for grabs!

If you are interested in selling your products through Nooshie, please contact: [email protected].

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