Oak glass staircases: The perfect combination?

Oak glass staircases: The perfect combination?

If you’re looking for a quick, cost-effective way to give your old oak staircase a facelift, incorporating glass into its design is the way to go.

From enhanced safety and elevated style, to allowing more natural light to flow freely through your hallways, there are many reasons why it should be top of your list of considerations.

But do glass panels work well with oak staircase components?

Discover why it could be the perfect combination for your home in this article!

Oak and glass: The perfect pairing?

Glass is, undeniably, the most stunning counterpart for oak staircase components.

Many homeowners upgrading their staircases choose this combination of materials, as they offer a truly unique aesthetic and allow you to reap the benefits of both materials.

Whilst oak is naturally sturdy and resistant to wear and tear, glass instantly creates the illusion of more space and allows natural light to flood through your hallways.

It’s easy to see why teaming the two together is a popular choice, and there are endless design options available to help you transform your hallway and elevate your décor.

Design options for oak glass staircases

Staircases aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, and oak glass staircases are probably the most versatile.

Some of the most popular design options include:

·      Frameless glass balustrades

If you want to ditch the handrail for a fully open feel and unrestricted view, using structural glass panels to create a frameless glass balustrade is the way to go.

Structural glass panels remove the need for traditional supports and open up a world of different interior design options. And, as an added bonus, they look great alongside oak treads and risers!

·      Glass spindles

Replacing your old oak spindles with a more modern alternative, like glass spindles, for example, is a great way to add a touch of individuality to your décor.

Small, individual panes of glass are used to replace your traditional oak spindles and fixed securely to the base and handrails – removing the need for brackets and creating the ultimate seamless finish.

·      Glass panels and brackets

This simple, yet incredibly stunning design option, features large panes of glass, which are fitted to your oak handrail and newel posts and secured in place with stainless steel glass clamps.

·      Glass risers

Replacing your old oak risers (the horizontal part of the step that you walk on) is a truly unique and visually striking way to dress up your staircase, and being made from laminated, toughened glass, you can trust that they’re 100% safe.

Installing oak glass staircases

Fitting glass staircase parts to your oak staircase may seem daunting, but the process is easier than you might think.

Glass staircase panels are designed with easy installation in mind, but installation methods vary depending on the design option you go for.

To ensure everything is fixed in place properly and is safe to use, it’s best to opt for professional installation, as improper installation may compromise your and your family’s safety and lead to costly repairs/replacements down the line.

Maintaining oak glass staircases

Oak glass staircases are relatively simple to maintain but do have different cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Oak components of your staircase should be vacuumed, swept, or wiped down (whichever you prefer) regularly – once or twice a week – to avoid a build-up of dust and dirt.

If you feel like the oak needs sprucing up a little, you can restain to reseal to restore its natural beauty, or go in with a pop of colour for a new look entirely.

Glass staircase parts, on the other hand, only need to be cleaned once per week along with all the other glass furnishings in your home, using a specially formulated glass cleaner and a soft, microfibre cloth.

Need help designing your dream staircase?

If you’re convinced an oak glass staircase is what your home needs, the experts at Abbott-Wade have years of experience and are the ideal team to assist in designing the perfect set of stairs for your home.

To discuss oak glass staircases with their knowledgeable team, give them a call today on 01744 634 442 and they’d be happy to help!

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