Organix launches new food alphabet campaign

Organix launches new food alphabet campaign

Organix, the UK’s leading children’s organic food brand has today unveiled new research focused on the healthy eating challenges parents grapple with when introducing a variety of new foods to their little ones.

The research, undertaken by YouGov of over 1000 UK parents, revealed that half of UK parents (49%) admit that their children don’t eat as wide a variety of fruit and vegetables as they would like. With 48% admitting that their child has consumed 6 or less varieties of fruit and vegetables in the past week and over a quarter (28%) saying their children prefer foods such as crisps or sweet snacks.

Almost a quarter (24%) of UK children are only eating 3 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, with it becoming more difficult to introduce a wider variety of foods past the weaning stage. This is largely down to texture and taste, with 41% of parents saying the look or texture of new food puts their children off.

Getting creative in the kitchen and winning over their kids with new ingredients is a battle that many parents are facing daily, as the YouGov research revealed that over half of parents (54%) struggle to think of new ideas and tactics to get their little ones trying new foods,

With 35% of parents using tricks such as hiding food to get their little ones to try it.

39% said easy tips and guidance on fun ways to engage children with fresh foods from experts would be a great support for parents. That’s why the nutritionists at Organix have come up with the Organix A – Z of Great Food, a fun and informative initiative that offers tips, advice and new food ideas for families. The initiative is designed to help celebrate the discovery of new foods, introduce little ones to a wide-range of nutritionally delicious flavours and textures and support parents through every milestone moment with their children.

The Organix A-Z of Great Food, created by the Nutritionists at Organix, is led by an easy to follow, colourful wall chart that parents can download from the A-Z hub on the Organix website, along with an array of great recipes, tips and advice. It is designed to give parents guidance on new, healthy foods to try and master with their children, following each letter of the alphabet. From favourite fruits to challenging vegetables, bitter flavours and unusual textures, these 26 foods will help your child to grow up into happy healthy eaters. 

Michelle Klerks, Organix Nutritionist said: “Being a parent or carer isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone at mealtimes. At Organix, we recognise how hard it can be especially when they’re refusing to eat new foods or pushing away meals that you’ve spent time preparing. We want to help, and that’s the purpose behind the new Organix A-Z of Great Food – we recognise that the earlier we can get little ones eating a wider variety of healthy foods with different flavours and textures, the more it sets them up for a lifelong love of good food.”

When creating the A-Z, Organix Nutritionists chose each food within the list for a specific reason, taking into account the nutritional and health benefits, especially the specific benefits to baby, age of suitability and availability in local supermarkets.

Mummy Nutrition, added: “As a mum and Dietitian, I understand first-hand the need for a bit of fun and novelty at meal times to keep the excitement around healthy eating going. The Organix A-Z of Great Food wall chart features prominently in my kitchen. Variety is key to health and the creative recipes on the Organix website are packed with healthy ingredients providing vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein to meet the growing needs of our little ones. I’m proud to be supporting this innovative initiative”.

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