Pasta Evangelists review

Pasta Evangelists review

By Rachel Ducker

Our family are huge fans of Italian meals – especially when they arrive in a box with everything ready to cook.

So when we were due to head off for a self catering holiday for the weekend, this seemed like the ideal solution for feeding the family and making the most of a beautiful luxury lodge.

Usually we venture out and there are tantrums because either the food takes too long to arrive, or it goes past bed time – this is when Peppa Pig comes out on the iPhone to keep all troubles at bay. It is not always enjoyable for us.

However, ordering from Pasta Evangelists was so easy…

What is the service…

Similar to that of Hello Fresh and other subscription based delivery services – these boxes are aimed to take the stress out of cooking. There is still cooking involved, but everything is supplied and thought out for you, however, you don’t even have to cook any of the sauces.

How it works…

  • You pick the meals you want from the website.
  • 2. They arrive in a specially insulated cooled box (it contains fresh ingredients)
  • 3. You simply follow the instructions on the bag of the packets and within around 10-15 minutes dinner is served. You only need a couple of saucepans and a glass of wine of course!

Our menu

Focaccia al Pomodoro with Cherry Tomatoes, Rosemary & Oregano

Kids Double Portion Rigatoni with a Datterini Tomato & Mascarpone Sauce
Pappardelle with a Wild Mushroom Sauce
Rigatoni with a Datterini Tomato & Mascarpone Sauce

2 x Italian Profiterole Cup with Cioccolato & Cream

What we thought…

As you can see the boys just tucked right in! We cooked their ones separately so that we could take more time to enjoy ours.

The pasta was delicious, it was really chunky and wholesome, but didn’t lay heavy like some do. The sauces were packed full of flavour and the portion sizes were just enough to have the Focaccia along side it – as well as the divine chocolatey Profiterole Cup for dessert.

There was no rushing back for bed time, (as when we cooked ours the kids were already in bed). We just packed away everything in the dishwasher and poured another glass of wine by the log burner – with logs from Certainly Wood. This is just how self catering holidays should be!

Although this was perfect for a night away – it would also be great if you are entertaining and want something tasty yet quick.

I am definitely a fan and will be certainly doing this again!

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