PAYOT PARIS launch BRAND NEW Roselift Collagéne collection

PAYOT PARIS launch BRAND NEW Roselift Collagéne collection

Unlock the secret of plumper, rejuvenated skin with PAYOT’s NEW Roselift Collagéne collection.
This innovative all new range from leading French skincare brand PAYOT promises to naturally ‘lift’ your complexion; leaving it firmer, plumper and glowing… noticeably slowing the skin’s ageing process.

PAYOT’s firming Roselift Collagéne collection adopts a beautifully refreshing attitude; focusing on ‘Slow Ageing’ rather than Anti-Aging – supporting, slowing & enhancing the natural ageing process rather than fighting it.

The Roselift range nourishes skin; dressing it with the softness of roses and the latest advancements in skincare science. Each product takes advantage of re-densifying, collagen-boosting peptides which work in unison with PAYOT’s patented ROSActive extract; to nourish mature skin, leaving it plump & radiant.

The range reveals a variety of luxurious formulas & textures; in a collection which includes creams, serums, oils and under-eye patches. Every care is expressed differently, through the ranges’ dreamlike textures, sensory appeal and beautifully feminine colour.

Roselift Collagéne Concentré Serum, RRP £66

This beautifully luxurious serum boasts a super high concentration of PAYOT’s collagen-boosting peptide – which works to restore plumpness and firms the skin. It’s designed to be quickly absorbed with a silky finish, coating your complexion with rejuvenating nutrients.

Roselift Collagéne Jour Lifting Day Cream, RRP £66

PAYOT’s Roselift Collagéne Day Cream boasts a unique, reinforced lifting action – perfect for skin lacking in firmness. Its soft, pink texture gradually works to lift the skin during the day; leaving it toned and full of vitality.

Roselift Collagéne Nuit Resculpting Night Cream, RRP £66

This rich, soothing night oil-cream works to restore density, redefine facial contours and resculpt the skins volume; with liposculpting Peony extracts. Its smooth texture blankets the skin in softness and comfort.

Roselift Collagéne Regard Lifting Care Eye Cream, RRP £38

The delicate skin under the eyes is one of the first places to show visible signs of ageing. PAYOT’s ultra-lightweight lifting eye cream works to gently lift the eye contour and open up the eyes; thanks to the mechanic tightening effect of Oat extract. Silk tree extract – also included in this product’s rich formula, reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Roselift Collagéne Patch Regard Under-Eye Patches, RRP £40

Beautifully refreshing, these fast-working, anti-fatigue eye patches revive tired under-eyes for a radiant, luminous effect. Hydrogel texture provides an amazing sensation when placed on the skin – for an even more intense ‘wake-me-up’ result, place the patches in the fridge before use.

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