In the Spring Garden: Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs

In the Spring Garden: Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Getting your spring bulbs planted to give them enough time to grow is important to ensure that by as early as February, you can enjoy an array of colour. Much before any other perennial, bush, shrub or tree, spring bulbs provide an eye-catching display that offers us that first taste of warmer days to come. In this article, you’ll discover some of the best spring bulbs to plant, when to plant them and what to expect as they grow and flower as we head into March, April, and May. 

Spring bulbs to plant in autumn and winter 

To ensure a pop of colour as your garden awaken in spring, prepare to plant some of these popular spring bulbs throughout the autumn and winter months:


Hyacinths are some of the most popular spring plants, the incredibly fragrant flowers provide a beautiful display of bright pops of colour. They’re incredibly easy to grow and care for, if you get it right. Following the proper directions, you can enjoy a stunning display of Hyacinths in the spring. 

It is recommended that you plant hyacinth bulbs by the end of September to give them enough time and to avoid the first frosts. Although you can plant them as late as November, if you are running behind. These spring bulbs can be planted in both borders and pots, giving you plenty of freedom to decorate your garden with hyacinths in multiple areas of your garden. 


Daffodils are another spring flower synonymous with the arrival of spring. In order to give them the time they need to bloom, planting daffodil bulbs between September and October is best practice, however some gardeners have even had success planting them as late as Christmas. It is important to note that daffodil bulbs and their different varieties can flower at very different stages. With some flowering as early as february. So, it is important to bear this in mind when buying your bulbs and planning when to plant them. 


The beautiful shades of colours tulips offer makes them a popular flower amongst many gardeners and non-gardeners alike. With many choosing the mighty tulip as their all-time favourite flower. They are the perfect addition to a spring garden, blooming and creating a wonderful display between April and May. Tulips can be planted in November and grow incredibly well in pots, with many new varieties becoming available each year. 


Snowdrops will be some of the first of your spring bulbs to flower as the season changes. With snowdrops being a brilliant indication of the beginning of spring. You can enjoy these beautiful white flowers if you plant them between October and November. Snowdrop should be grown in moist soil, in partial shade. Which is often why you will see them growing under trees and shrubs. 

Tips for buying spring bulbs and how to care for them 

When you buy spring bulbs it is important to care for them and store them properly to ensure that your bulbs have the best chances of growing and blooming successfully in spring. 

Once you have purchased your bulbs, whether from a garden centre via an online supplier, you should sort through them to ensure that they are all of a good quality. You should only be keeping and planting the bulbs that are of a healthy size and condition. Any signs of diseased or damaged bulbs should be taken note of and these bulbs should be discarded. Before planting your bulbs you should keep them in a cool and dry place, preferably in bags to keep them protected. 

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