REVIEW: Haier Series 4 Integrated Washing Machine

REVIEW: Haier Series 4 Integrated Washing Machine

By Rachel Ducker

When I had my first child my life completely changed, shortly followed by my washing load! Now two kids, one dog and two cats down my washing machine was in need of an upgrade.

The Haier Series 4 Integrated 9kg Washing Machine ticked all of the boxes for me as a busy working mum. The I-Time setting lets you choose when you want the cycle to finish and if you don’t enjoy ironing, the handy Easy Iron programme helps remove creases in your clothes, so you’ll cut through the clothes pile much quicker.

So what are the ket selling points?

Outstanding energy efficiency

Energy ratings are given to dryers according to their efficiency. This machine has an energy rating of ‘A’ , which is one of the most energy efficient ratings. Eco Buys like this use less, so are kinder to both the planet and your bills. For me this is a real plus – given the amount I use my appliances, especially with all of the energy bills rising.


You can choose your programme, then select the I-Time option. This will allow you to shorten or lengthen the cycle. Clever AI then optimises the settings to give you the best results. This means the machine can work to your schedule and not the other way round.

Steam cycle

I think this feature is great and its something I have never had in a washing machine before. When steam combines with water, the temperature inside the drum rises – causing the fibres in your clothes to relax. This means they can absorb more water and detergent, resulting in a deeper clean and more effective stain removal – great for when you have messy little ones running around.

Large drum

The large drum is 9kg which ideal for medium-sized households. I find I can get so much more into this than other machines. It reduces my workload making life just that little bit easier.

Easy Iron

I am not a fan of ironing and try to avoid it wherever possible. To help make it a little easier, the Easy Iron function rotates the drum back and forth, helping to untangle fabrics so they tumble freely. This helps loosen creases, so if you do need to get the iron out, you get to whiz through the clothes pile faster. 

The verdict

It used to take my four days to get my whites, mixed and colours washed and dried (thats 3 loads). It now takes me just three hours! This washing machine along with the Haier I Pro 5 tumble dryer has CHANGED my life. Especially with two children and a husband that loves to spring laundry on me the day before we go away on a trip.

It’s extremely quiet compared to my last machine and the drum spin cycle is very smooth. I can fit much more clothes into a load and there is a pre-wash setting as well as the handy steam cycle function. This reassures me that my clothes are getting the best out of a wash without compromising on the wear and tear aspect.

I actually think if you took this machine away from me now I would be lost!

Other things I love…

• Pause function — Add extra clothes mid-cycle
• Quick Wash — Cleans clothes in 15 minutes
• Integrated — Although this looks beautiful on its own you can integrate it into your kitchen or utility workstation.

Product details:

See more information online here.

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