Simone Voss: The Pinnacle of Australian Fragrance

Simone Voss: The Pinnacle of Australian Fragrance

Simone Voss stands as a paragon of sophistication and elegance. This extraordinary Australian fragrance brand has made a triumphant debut at Space NK, enchanting aficionados with its thoughtfully illustrated packaging and refined ingredients that embody sheer opulence.

A Symphony of Scents

Simone Voss has meticulously crafted a range of luxury collections that redefine the art of fragrance. Each creation is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence, from the selection of ingredients to the final presentation. Their blown glass diffusers, a highlight of the collection, make an ideal gift, particularly for teachers who wish to imbue their classrooms with delightful scents without the need for candles. These diffusers are not only a practical solution but also an exquisite addition to any décor.

Discover the Signature Collections

Don Vitone

Diffuser: £75 | Diffuser Refill: £50

Step into a world of intrigue with Don Vitone, a fragrance inspired by urban scandal and mystery. This captivating scent begins with sharp, spicy top notes of cardamom, clove, and mandarin, leading into a floral heart of geranium and rose. The journey concludes with a rich, smoky base of patchouli, cashmere musk, sandalwood, tonka bean, and tobacco, creating a truly mesmerizing aroma. Perfect for those who embrace the enigmatic and the sophisticated, Don Vitone is a scent that leaves a lasting impression.

Signor Casanova

Diffuser: £75 | Diffuser Refill: £50

Inspired by the refined prose of Casanova, this fragrance masterfully blends fruit, spice, and earthy notes to create an unforgettable olfactory experience. Signor Casanova opens with the sweet citrus notes of armoise, bergamot, grapefruit, and lime. These refreshing top notes are balanced by conifer and cypress heart notes, while the base of labdanum, patchouli, and tonka bean adds a warm, earthy finish. This scent is ideal for those who appreciate a blend of elegance and passion in their fragrances.


Diffuser: £75 | Diffuser Refill: £50

Embark on a sensory journey with Columbus, a fragrance that captures the spirit of exploration and discovery. This blend features fruity top notes of cassis and fig, paired with spicy clove and the calming presence of lavender and rose. The scent is grounded by an earthy base of musk, amber, and oak, providing a tranquil and captivating aroma. Columbus is perfect for those who seek a scent that is both adventurous and soothing, evoking the essence of far-off lands and timeless elegance.

The Essence of Elegance

The brand’s luxury collections are not merely scents; they are experiences, carefully curated to transport you to different realms of sophistication and allure. Whether you are seeking a gift for a special teacher or a personal indulgence, Simone Voss offers an unparalleled array of choices that promise to elevate any space they grace.

In every bottle and diffuser, Simone Voss captures the essence of elegance, making each scent a cherished addition to your fragrance repertoire.

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