Skin and Body Care for New and Expectant Mums

Skin and Body Care for New and Expectant Mums

A baby is not the only thing nine months of pregnancy gives you – unfortunately for many, it also gives you stretch marks, hormonal breakouts and other unwanted side effects too. As your body goes through these changes, look after your skin with these solution-based products from Science of Skin. Developed by two medics – Professor Ardeshir Bayat and Mr Douglas McGeorge MBE – the moisturising, nourishing and most importantly, safe formulas will take care of your skincare needs from the first to the third trimester and beyond.

For those looking to address concerns about skin firmness and elasticity, especially in the neck area, consider incorporating a firming neck cream into your skincare routine. This targeted solution can help tighten and tone the delicate skin on your neck, providing a rejuvenated appearance.

BEST FOR: Baby bumps

Science of Skin Stretch Mark Defence, £24.99/150ml

Developed especially for mums-to-be, this super hydrating oil moisturises your skin as your baby bump grows. With an easy-to-use spray applicator, the anti-stretch mark formula contains nourishing ingredients such as green tea, vitamin E and plant extracts to help improve elasticity while easing the signs and symptoms of stretching skin such as dryness and tightness.

BEST FOR: C-section scars

Science of Skin Solution for Scars, £18.99/30ml

This specialist scar cream contains a naturally active green tea extract – EGCG – that is scientifically proven to improve the appearance of scarring. Working at a cellular level, it can be applied to C-section scars where it helps to reduce both the redness and thickness by 40%. Suitable for use on babies, it can also be used to treat everything from chickenpox scars to accidental scars.

BEST FOR: Hormonal breakouts

Science of Skin Rescue No. One, £18.99/30ml

Treat hormonal breakouts during pregnancy with this gentle but effective face cream. Containing antioxidant green tea, anti-inflammatory magnolia bark and other hard-working ingredients, it is scientifically proven to help reduce redness and improve the appearance of marks and scars left behind by spots. Can be used daily in place of your normal moisturiser.

BEST FOR: Stretch marks

Science of Skin Solution for Stretch Marks, £39.99/100ml

Formulated for new mums, this moisturising cream contains natural active ingredients including green tea, micro algae and vitamins C and E to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight gain. Targeting problem areas such as the breasts, thighs, hips and tummy, it also helps to soothe symptoms such as sore and irritable feeling skin. 

Vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society and against animal testing

Science of Skin is available from @scienceofskinuk

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