St-Germain Hugo Spritz

St-Germain Hugo Spritz

The ‘Hugo Spritz’ sky-rocketed in popularity during summer 2023, and it’s set to be another firm favourite for summer 2024 as the sun (slowly but surely) appears and spritz season is well and truly underway.

Please see below the perfect recipe for the infamous St-Germain Hugo Spritz – the addition of mint and lime to the classic St-Germain Spritz brings bright and zesty aromas to this refreshing tasting elderflower cocktail. Wherever you are, St-Germain knows how to make the moment bloom and adds a dash of inspiration to your Hugo Spritz cocktail! 


40ml oz St-Germain elderflower liqueur 

60ml Martini prosecco 

60ml Soda water 

8-10 mint leaves 

Lime wedge for garnish 

Mint sprig for garnish 


Add ice into a wine glass. 

Pour in St-Germain and add approximately eight mint leaves. 

Top with sparkling wine and soda water. 

Stir the drink to combine all of the ingredients. 

Garnish with a mint sprig and lime wedge.

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