Tech Review: Roksan Attessa Range and Monitor Audio Silver Series

Tech Review: Roksan Attessa Range and Monitor Audio Silver Series

By Rachel Ducker

If you have sold or disposed of your old vinyl’s, you may be wondering whether you have done the right thing after reading this review on the new Roksan Attessa Range.

Vinyl records took off in the 1950’s – they almost became extinct with the introduction of cassettes and CD’s – but now as we enter the digital age, we see them making a comeback.

Now equating 18 percent of the market for album sales in the UK, tapping into this zeitgeist is Roksan, an award-winning British manufacturer.

They haven’t launched just one product but an entire new range, comprising a premium turntable and two new amps. These solutions ae presented as state-of-the-art high fi systems in an elegant form, aimed at users who truly appreciate high quality sound as part of a modern lifestyle.

Developed in-house in the UK, the range combines streaming technologies with on-trend vinyl replay and striking industrial design.

While avid vinyl collectors are seeking out a more authentic and tactile music experience, they are also searching for top notch audio equipment to play vinyl through. The range has therefore been designed to combine all the wonderfully complex sound of a class-leading hi-fi system with the simplicity most listeners crave – making it easier to connect with both devices, and with the people around you.

Attessa turntable

Designed as a plug and play turntable, this record player is supposed to be ready for immediate use. Offering a contemporary take on vinyl playback, this minimalist design comes in a choice of satin white or satin black finishes, it’ll fit right in with the most modern interior décor.

The weighted glass platter with bonded aluminium edge dampener is free from surplus dials and buttons, whist the turntable sits on a single isolated plinth, accentuating the sophisticated simplicity of the design.

The chassis of the turntable is not only similar in design to the electronic components, it also has the same dimensions in width and depth.

Most of the legwork of setup is done before you even take your Attessa Turntable from its packaging, and the remaining stuff is achievable in just a few minutes. Roksan has put a helpful video on its YouTube channel, too (which was very helpful to me when setting up).

So, it shouldn’t be long before you’re slipping on that first LP and pinning your ears back.

The Attessa Streaming Amplifier

The Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier is probably the most exciting solution of the entire new product line, that must be clearly stated. As the name suggests, this is an amplifier with an integrated streaming client.

This amp is intended for use with music, movies and gaming hardware, this amp is up there with the best. It features a Dynamic control dial, with single point of contact for both volume and input and a graphical interface.

Running the BluOS connected platform, you can easily partner the amp with other compatible BluOS products from other manufacturers. BluOS provides seamless multiroom audio in up to 64 zones, with 20+ streaming services, all controllable via your smartphone.

Bluetooth is also available for the integration of smartphones and other mobile devices.

The integrated D/A converter can process signals with up to 24 bit and 192 kHz, DSD is supported via DoP (DSD over PCM), and content encoded in MQA is also processed.

Two optical and two coaxial S/PDIF interfaces are available for digital sources.

In addition to two analogue inputs, the amplifier also offers an integrated phono preamplifier for drives with MM cartridge systems.

A connection for headphones can be found directly on the front, while the rear panel provides connections for the speaker systems as well as a pre-out in the form of a pair of cinch sockets.The Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier delivers two times 80 watts to speaker systems with an impedance of 8 ohms. For speaker systems with an impedance of only 4 ohms, 130 watts per channel are available.

Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G Speakers

Known for its rich history in creating world-class audio experiences, Monitor Audio has revamped its best-selling Silver Series range to combine class-leading performance and bold, powerful sound with a refined and understated look. These team up just perfectly with the new Roksan range.

With a focus on making audio human, Monitor Audio’s Silver Series 7G line-up features eight models in total and builds on the latest acoustic innovations.

The brand-new compact drivers and optimised tweeter design with added compression ring improve dispersion and coherence all while reducing distortion, resulting in a smooth natural listening experience.

The Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G brings studio precision to your living room, in a design optimised to the acoustics of an ordinary home. For you, that means deep bass and stunning sound in a compact shape.

Designed to give you the deep, rich bass extension usually only found in a larger floorstander, the Silver 50 7G bookshelf speakers are an excellent choice when space is at a premium.

It’s engineered for the kind of real-world spaces we live in, which means we’ve optimised the bass for scenarios like being placed close to a wall. With a choice of real-wood veneers, and from Satin White to High Gloss Black, you’ll find the perfect look to fit your home.

And most importantly of all, thanks to the new Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II mid-bass driver design, you’ll enjoy pin sharp clarity in every track.

The verdict

The sound in my house has never been so good, with the combination of these three key products you will be ditching your Sonos right away.

Not only am I impressed by the sound, but the sleek and elegant design of these items have transformed my living room – with the addition of this Brooklyn side table from Oak Furnitureland – I feel like I have invested in my lifestyle and have some amazing quality pieces that will last for years to come.

Now to dig out my old vinyls!

The Attessa Turntable, the Attessa Streaming Amplifier and Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G speakers are priced at £995, £1,495 and £500 respectively.

Brooklyn Sideboard – £499.99 – Oak Furnitureland –

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