The art of family bonding: crafting together for fun and connection

The art of family bonding: crafting together for fun and connection

A 2022 survey revealed that 60% of families no longer eat together around the dining table. So, get crafting as a family and put the communal spirit back into your home. Crafting takes families away from screens and phones, encourages creativity, strengthens bonds and creates memories.

Creativity and imagination

Crafting stimulates self-expression and artistic exploration. By exposing children, in particular, to a variety of art and crafting supplies, materials and techniques you spark their curiosity and creativity. Get yourself papercraft essentials and make greeting cards for every occasion or even make wrapping paper. Candle-making, watercolour painting and wreath-making are other activities that widen a child’s creative outlook. To give them something fun to play with, why not make a rainbow selection of multi-coloured bouncy balls using borax, glue, water and glitter?

Strengthening family bonds

A downside to tablet and smartphone culture is face-to-face communication is dying, even between families sitting in the same room. But by working together on a crafting project, families must solve problems, compare notes and help each other out. All this requires communication and cooperation. This strengthens family bonds and fosters positive relationships. Collaborative crafting encourages mutual support to overcome challenges. Family members lean on each other for encouragement, advice, or even a helping hand. This mutual support fosters stronger relationships and gives everyone involved a sense of accomplishment and collective pride.

Learning and skills development

Crating together is great for emotional bonding and stimulating creativity but it also offers educational benefits for children. These include the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities. Touch, sight and sound senses are all engaged. Crafting activities can be tailored to age groups and skill levels, providing opportunities for learning and growth for everyone. Younger children will love making playdough, for instance, because of the mixing and kneading fun to be had. It also allows room for ‘mistakes’ because there aren’t any – the shape they create is the shape they create. There is no template.

Making memories

Creating handmade keepsakes and mementos as a family is joyful, whether making homemade cards and artwork or DIY decorations and gifts. These can hold great sentimental value, serving as tangible reminders of the love, laughter, fun and creativity shared during your family crafting sessions. Making memories is probably the best recommendation for creating together as one happy family.

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