The Best Stealth Games of All Time

The Best Stealth Games of All Time

Most people think of video games to be fast-paced and overwhelming. However, there are many amazing tactical and stealth games that will require you to think and plan carefully. You get the chance to operate in secret and take advantage of your environment.

The thrill that lies in stealth games is to complete the objectives without ever letting your enemies know you are even there. So, if you want to be a complete ghost and operate as a true secret agent, here are some of the best stealth games of all time:

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Perhaps there has been no other video game character as charismatic and badass as the Big Boss. This has to be one of the best stealth games ever. The storyline is quite complex. You may not know what’s going on at times. But that’s part of the fun.

The game has an incredible open-world environment. You get to play many missions in Afghanistan. When you are playing the missions, you will notice that the day is progressing into the night. Your gameplay will undoubtedly be affected by this, and you will need to adapt accordingly. 

The possibilities in this game are limitless. You also get to make amazing customizations, thanks to Mother Base. You get to create all kinds of new weapons and get access to fun accessories like cardboard boxes and tranquilizers.

Gotham Knights

The Arkham series has received tremendous praise for its incredible gameplay and open-world environment. The games have done a great job in staying true to the comic-book world of Batman. If you are a hardcore fan of the Arkham series, then make sure not to miss Gotham Knights. It’s expected to release in October this year. 

Unfortunately, you will not get to see Batman in this game as he will have passed away. However, you get to play his four incredible proteges: Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Redhood. Each playable character has its own unique characteristics and abilities. 

The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 is undoubtedly one of its kind. It has a terrific storyline that will make you want to complete the game as soon as possible. The characters are well developed and feel very real. The game is quite lengthy and you can enjoy it for a long time. You can also play the entire game several times without getting bored.

The gameplay is incredibly smooth, and the enemy AI is sophisticated. You will need to pay attention to your surroundings and make your way through the danger. The gunplay and hand-to-hand combat are sure to make you feel like you are in an action-packed and well-directed Hollywood movie. If you enjoy action and want easy access to thrill, you can enjoy playing popular casino games like Slot Online.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell game series has been extremely successful and well-received. If you think James Bond is cool, wait until you check out Sam Fisher. He is a veteran agent with plenty of cool gadgets and weapons. The Splinter Cell games will have you develop a whole new appreciation for darkness.

In Blacklist, you can choose between either stealth or full-on assault. Or, you could go for a blend of both. The game leaves it to you how you want to approach the objectives for most missions. If you enjoy Blacklist, make sure to try out Chaos Theory and Conviction as well.

To Sum Up

These are some of the best stealth games that you can find. All of them have incredible storylines and characters in common. Make sure to include them in the list. You will want to take your time with each game and savor it fully.

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