The best trousers for men to wear for every occasion

The best trousers for men to wear for every occasion

Winter is in full swing now and we’re all getting ready for all the fun parties that this festive season brings. However, it sheds the spotlight on the importance of finding the best clothes to wear and which item of clothing is most appropriate for the occasion.

The clothing company Chums are helping men out with finding the best trousers for every occasion. Whether you’re trying to look smart for work or for a more smart-casual look when heading out for a drink with your mates, there really is a look for everything.

So which of the Chums mens trousers are best suited for you to wear for your chosen occasion?


Firstly, we’ll make it easy for you by pointing out the perfect trousers to wear for almost every occasion. These trousers typically only have two or three pockets and are perfect if your dress code needs to be formal or casual, with these you’ll easily be able to go straight from a business meeting to a cosy pub lunch with your mates. You wouldn’t believe that these sophisticated trousers first originate from the military in the early 1900s, because now you can easily pair them with a smart shirt or a T-shirt. It’s a must for the male wardrobe.


Calling all the creative men out there, you’ve probably heard of this style of trousers as they have been mostly associated with artists. These cool trousers were popular in the 70’s when everyone couldn’t keep their hands off the flared look (yes, we remember you men rocking the tight flared jeans). These trousers can come in all different colours to provide casual wear but also smart wear for when you need to head to your formal occasions in the autumn or winter. The twisted fibres used for the fabric create a soft texture making them a cosy pair to wear when having to head out in the cold to sort out some errands. You’ll look like a cool gent in no time.


For the men that need plenty of pockets so they always have what they need by their side and can never lose their keys or wallet again, then these fit that purpose. These are ideal to wear when you’re active such as gardening, hiking or doing a spot of DIY. As well as the various pockets, these trousers have fleece linings and water repellency making them the go-to when our British weather doesn’t know if there’ll be rain or shine. These can be paired with a jumper when you’re outside in the cold or even a T-shirt to give the casual look for watching the football at your local pub.


Is an important event coming up? Your best mate is getting married? Then it is time to bring out the formal trousers. You can get the traditional style of trousers which tend to have muted stripes or come in the traditional colours of black, silver or white. These are the best trousers for all formal occasions as you can get different types to suit your body from tailored to classic black suit trousers that show you mean business. These are the type of trousers that are saved only for those special occasions when you’re ready to get suited and booted. Whatever you do, make sure to keep your smart trousers clean and ironed to wear on a special day.

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