The Power of Powder

The Power of Powder

A radiant and glowing complexion is always on trend and here at delilah we are known for our signature glow. Where a luminous, dewy finish is the goal, loose powder doesn’t seem like the obvious make up essential, but it’s long been the secret weapon of make-up artists and those in the know. Unwanted shine often shows up in photos and on screen and hot summer days are unforgiving. With the right formulation, applied correctly, powder doesn’t need to be cakey or dry, it gives you the power to be in control of where you glow. It’s also the ultimate-multi-tasker for your kit! 

delilah Creative Director and Co-Founder, Rupert Kingston shares his top tips for using loose powder to ensure you’re glowing in all the right places as well as some expert multi-tasking hacks. 

Not all powders are created equal

Rupert says “Not all powders are created equal and modern formulations have moved on considerably from the cakey, pore clogging concoctions that many of us shy away from.  People are often worried about powder settling in fine lines but modern powders, like our Pure Touch Micro-fine Loose Powder have been designed to gently soften shine and blur imperfections, allowing you to create a naturally radiant finish with luminosity in all the right places.”

The award-winning delilah Pure Touch Micro-fine Loose Powder £39.00 is an unsung hero that’s busy working hard in the kits of many MUAs. It re-defines everything you thought you knew about loose powder. This delicate, finely milled powder transforms skin for an airbrushed looking finish. Its micro-fine particles feel impossibly light and smooth leaving an unbelievably silky touch to the skin. It sets your foundation and gently mattifies skin where needed, without leaving a trace and the smart mesh allows for an easy mess-free application. It can be applied over foundation or worn alone to achieve a perfect and flawless result. 

Easy to Love

delilah Pure Touch Micro-fine Loose Powder is a mainstay in the kits of many well- known make-up artists.

Kenneth Soh

“The delilah Pure Touch Powder is always in my kit and has such a gorgeous finish. I love it because it softly diffuses any shine on the complexion but most importantly, it’s completely invisible. ”

Alice Theobald

“The delilah Pure Touch Powder has a beautiful smooth finish. It’s a super fine formula which when applied over makeup sets and mattifies without caking, which I love!”

Precision Powder Application Tips

  • Application is key!  – The temptation is to use a big fluffy brush or a powder puff but the secret trick of the pros is a small precision brush, like our delilah concealer blending brush £22.00,. You don’t need to apply powder to the entire face and a smaller brush gives you more control, ensuring a seamless, radiant finish, especially around the eyes and under the nose.
  • Less is more – Dip the brush into the mesh to pick up the powder, tapping off any excess powder before applying to areas that you are most likely to shine. Gently apply by pushing into the skin with the brush. Apply in a line from your forehead, down the bridge of your nose to the chin, blending gently around the eye area, and don’t forget the top lip which is a giveaway on a hot day.

Multi-tasking hacks – 4 pro tips for making the most of your powder

  • Prevent – A dusting of powder under your eyes before applying eyeshadow prevents pigment fallout. Once you’ve finished blending your shadow, take a large fluffy brush and gently sweep the powder away, taking any excess eyeshadow with it.
  • Soften – Loose powder can be used to soften the finish of a variety of products. Buff the edges of blush and bronzer and even use to blend shadows during a smoky eye application.
  • Correct – If you’ve been overzealous with your powder blush, don’t panic. Rather than remove and start again, gently apply a dusting of loose powder and buff to dilute the colour. Blend gently until you achieve the desired effect.
  • Set – It’s not just for setting foundation and preventing shine. It can also provide staying powder for your lipstick and liner by mattifying natural oils and giving the lipstick something to stick to. Work a small amount of powder into a flat lip brush, pushing the brush around the back of the hand to remove excess product. You can use like a primer before applying your lip colour, by dabbing the lightly powdered brush over the lip line, including the skin around lips. For maximum staying power, use the same technique to apply over the first lipstick application before layering a second.   

delilah products are available from, Fortnum & Mason and selected spa and salon locations.

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