The Roulette table explained

The Roulette table explained

If you’ve ever logged on to an UK gambling sites without Gamstop or stepped through the doors of one of the many land-based casinos in the world, you would’ve more than likely seen a game or two of Roulette – or even just glimpsed its iconic wheel.

With this in mind, we wanted to explore the Roulette table, find out what each section does, how it’s used within gameplay and if there’s a particular order to how the numbers appear on the Roulette wheel.

This way, the next time you play an online casino game of Roulette, or you visit a brick and mortar casino establishment, you’ll have a better understanding of what everything does and how to play.

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The Table

When looking at the Roulette table, you’ll notice the layout is almost split into two or three sections. On one side of the table, you have the iconic wheel. Next to the wheel is a table of boxes. Some of these boxes, within a grid section, hold a single number ranging from 0 to 36.

When we say there are two or three sections to the table, we’re referring to the fact that the boxed section on the table is split into two categories, hence three sections to the layout. Around the edging of the numbered grid area is a range of boxes which hold numbers, letters and colours.

The grid with single numbers is also known as the inside bet area. Whereas the boxes around the numbered grid are known as the outside bet area.

The Wheel

When it comes to the iconic wheel, there are two variants that you can spin – the European and the American.

The only true difference between the two wheels is the addition of a double zero (00) pocket on the American wheel.

Due to the addition of this extra pocket and number, a few things do vary from the European variant to the American. Two of these variations are the house edge percentage and the number layout on the wheels.

On the European wheel, the numbers are set: 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25, 17, 34, 6, 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33, 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26

On the American wheel, the numbers are set: 0, 28, 9, 26, 30, 11, 7, 20, 32, 17, 5, 22, 34, 15, 3, 24, 36, 13, 1, 00, 27, 10, 25, 29, 12, 8, 19, 31, 18, 6, 21, 33, 16, 4, 23, 35, 14, 2

All zero pockets are green, whilst all other numbered pockets alter from red or black.

Inside Bet Area

The numbered grid area, also known as the inside bet area, is one of two places you can place a wager down towards a game of Roulette – the other of course being the outside area.

Within the inside bet area, you can place wagers down on single numbers, various numbers, two at once – whatever you wish.

Each inside bet holds its own payout amount. For example, a straight, which is the technical term for placing a wager on a single number, holds an odd of 35:1. Whereas a split bet, which is when a wager is placed on two numbers with one bet, holds an odd of 17:1.

Outside Bet Area

Outside bets are a little different from inside bets, as these cover an array of wheel and number positions with a single wager.

For example, one outside bet, known as a red bet, covers all socket compartments of the wheel that feature red. This is also known as an even money bet as there’s just under a 50% chance of winning. It therefore holds a payout odd of 1:1. Even money bets are just below 50% due to the green zero(s) at

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