The Women’s Business Awards Announced

The Women’s Business Awards Announced

The Women’s Business Awards is the highlight of the year. Last night, the annual awards ceremony took place online to celebrate the best businesswomen from across the globe. 

“There is nothing quite like celebrating the accomplishments of our businesswomen. This year we saw some incredible entries which made the judge’s decision really tough. Although only one woman could win in each category, we feel that every single woman who entered is a winner – she is still standing, she is still determined to succeed and she still has hope for the future, a winning attitude indeed. I am so proud of all businessmen and women who are pushing through this tough year.”

Angela De Souza

The Business Woman of the Year Award is a huge achievement and is given to a woman who has been outstanding in their career and business:

This year’s global virtual Women’s Business Award winners are:

Businesswoman of the Year sponsored by Banct

Winner: Beth Gray – PlayerData Limited

Runner up 1: Tamsin Haley – Social Happiness

Runner up 2: Zoe Merchant – Bright

Best New Business of the Year sponsored by Shift

Winner: Leslie Greenwood & Melissa Moody – Wednesday Women

Runner up 1: Suzanne Butler – Harmonising Energies Feng Shui

Runner up 2: Eleanor Thompson – Branchworks Consulting

Business Mum of the Year sponsored by Mother for Life

Winner: M.G. Vaciago – Big Little Voice

Runner up 1: Rachel Ducker – Bounce Magazine

Runner up 2: Filipa Bellette – Chris & Filly Functional Medicine

Creative Business Award sponsored by The Editor’s Chair

Winner: Phyllis Cohen – Face Lace Ltd

Runner up 1: Jane Cavanagh – The Flute Academy

Runner up 2: Erin Carey – Roam Generation

Diversity & Inclusion Award sponsored by Bernie Davies Global

Winner: Shae Wissell – re:think dyslexia

Runner up 1: Sonya Liddle – Sun North Consulting

Runner up 2: Joanna Abeyie – Blue Moon & Partners

Employer of the Year sponsored by BBX

Winner: Louise Sutton – BT Surveyors

Runner up 1: Stacie Curtis – CW Solutions

Giving Back Award sponsored by TEN

Winner: Lesley Robertson – Families Like Us

Runner up 1: Gina Stockdall – Marilyn Jane Designs LLC

Runner up 2: Michelle Rowlinson – Panacea Pause

Innovation Award sponsored by Girls Friendly Society

Winner: Desiree Bell – DP Bell & Associates

Runner up 1: Anjulika Salhan – Systems Holdings Ltd

Runner up 2: Mary Thomas – Concise Training

Leader of the Year sponsored by Authentic Influence Group

Winner: Gillian Jones Williams – Emerge Development Consultancy

Runner up 1: Helen Mccarthy – UK NANNY

Runner up 2: Katrina Savell – The Word Depot

Man of the Year sponsored by Box Leisure Recruitment

Winner: Steven Carr – Clockwise

Runner up 1: Callum Thear-Graham – e!studios

Runner up 2: Robert Grigore – Grigore Counselling & Associates

Overcomer Award sponsored by KoffeeKlatch Ltd

Winner: Alice Hendy – Ripple Suicide – Prevention Charity

Runner up 1: Emma Armstrong – Empro Consultants Ltd

Runner up 2: Jean Fenwick – Inner Wealth Coaching

Positivity Award sponsored by Body Image Coach

Winner: Caroline Bellenger – Be The Impossible

Runner up 1: Viveca Chow – Viveca Chow

Runner up 2: Chrissie Gregory – My Mindset Principles

Speaker Award sponsored by The Like Me CIC

Winner: Toni Miranda – Radiance Image Consultancy & Training Inc

Runner up 1: Katherine Piper – Future Leap

Runner up 2: Jannine Perriman – ADHD Wise

Women in FINANCE sponsored by Youtopia Solutions Ltd

Winner: Rebecca Leiba – Provident Healthcare Partners LLC

Runner up 1: Jenaya Kennett – Ausloans Finance Strathalbyn

Runner up 2: Arielle Smith – Fix My Books Inc

Women in LAW sponsored by Lori Karpman & Company

Winner: Crystal Diaz – Lawyery

Runner Up: Jane Garber-Rosensweig – Gable Lawyers Pty Ltd

Runner Up 2: Emma Baker – Dynasty Wills and Estate Planning

Women in PROPERTY & CONSTRUCTION sponsored by KGI Design Studio

Winner: Raquel Manning – Blue Media Group

Runner up 1: Lynsey Breen – AC Land Regeneration

Runner up 2: Louise Sutton – BTS Property Consultancy

Women in RECRUITMENT & HR sponsored by CraveHRO

Winner: Kate Gathard – Elysian Services Ltd

Runner up 1: Angela Rieu-Clarke – Buzzqube

Runner up 2: Lianne Baker – Enfuse Group

Women in SALES sponsored by AgriLedger

Winner: Laura Tressler – The Access Group

Runner up 1: Sam Halse – Sam Halse Coaching

Runner up 2: Aimee DiBartolomeo – Premier Benefit Plans Inc.

Women in SPORTS sponsored by Lauren Malone

Winner: Emily Lockhart – E.L. Fitness

Runner Up 1: Katie Clement McCreesh – KCM Fitness Ltd

Runner up 2: Vicki Sutton – Wales Netball

Women in STEM sponsored by ShoutOut

Winner: Bamidele Farinre – Whittington NHS

Runner up 1: Ash Mohanaprakas – Bridewell Ltd

Runner up 2: Sahar Sam – Solaires Entreprises Inc.

Next year’s awards are open for nomination at

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