Top Activities to Implement During Active Rest Days for Improved Muscle Recovery

Top Activities to Implement During Active Rest Days for Improved Muscle Recovery

When it comes to any physical activity, giving your body time to recover and adapt is crucial for long-term health and performance. Ignoring this can spell trouble in the short or long haul, as it can lead to increased risk of injury, burnout, and decreased performance. That’s why experts advocate for active rest or recovery days, especially during or after those intense workouts.

Of course, incorporating into your fitness regimen can also help boost muscle recovery. However, it’s essential to note that active rest doesn’t mean lounging around all day. Instead, it involves engaging in lighter activities that promote blood flow and relaxation, such as walking, yoga, or gentle stretching.

So, what kind of activities can you implement during such days or moments? Continue reading this article for top-notch things you can do.

Light Resistance Training

The keyword is light because you’re not expected to go hard on your muscles after finishing a routine full of reps. Use light weights to stimulate blood flow and supply nutrients to the working tissues without straining them. For example, you can use 30% of the heaviest weight you lift.

Light resistance is often a great active recovery method for many athletes and training enthusiasts. After drawing optimal performance from Sustamed, taking some time off your exercise routine is normal.

Hip & Core Activation

Hip and core activation exercises will keep you moving because these two parts power every movement you make. By keeping these critical muscles moving, you’ll prepare your body for more intense workouts in the following days. Besides, other muscles in your lower back, flexors, and glutes get involved.

When you work on your hip and core, they will activate when you need them. Some moves you can try include dead bugs, planks, and bodyweight glute bridges.


Take your post-workout active rest to the pool. Swimming is an excellent, low-impact option that allows your body to be weightless. Get to stretch your body and relax your joints simultaneously.

Further, the pressure in the water helps improve blood circulation in your muscles, blood vessels, and heart. It’s also an exciting time to break from all the challenges exercise presents.

Steady-State Cycling

If running or brisk walking is not your style, use steady-state cycling during your active rest days. It is excellent cardio that helps you recover from intense workout sessions, fine-tuning your muscles in the process.

Hop on a stationary bike and pedal away without any impact on your joints. Also, this movement helps improve circulation to the lower body at low-level intensities.


Taking hikes does wonders for your body and your mood. It engages your muscles while your head gets the fresh air it deserves outside. Nature often has a direct and positive impact on our overall health.

Hiking is an excellent way to enjoy your active rest days and relax your muscles, allowing them to recover for the next session. If you can, take the hike to quiet, serene places where you can focus on relaxing.

Hiking on uneven terrain will work several muscles simultaneously, challenging your core, glutes, and ankle strength. However, this activity remains less intense than most workouts.


Your active rest days significantly improve your muscle growth, recovery, and cardiovascular health. They’re a time to lightly work your joints and other parts of your body without being intense. These rest days are essential because they keep your muscles active and prepared for upcoming training sessions.

Intense seasons could leave you tired and needing more critical nutrients to proceed. Sustamed is one supplement you can consider to improve your agility and overall performance. It also has the potential to boost your bone density, reducing your risk of injuries.

However, it’s crucial to consult with your healthcare provider before administering Sustamed 250 or any other supplement to ensure it’s safe and suitable for your specific health needs and goals.

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