Top Tips for Cheap Airport Parking

Top Tips for Cheap Airport Parking

Flights, hotels, and other costs for a holiday or trip are already high, and something not everybody can easily afford. Especially during high inflation times and a looming recession, most families do not have extra cash to waste.

However, for the biggest comfort and flexibility, taking your own car to the airport is often necessary, especially when we travel with a lot of baggage and children. To lessen the high costs of airport parking during your trip, there are several strategies you can use.

Here are the top tips for cheap airport parking.

Reducing Parking Fees at the Airport

Parking at the airport is rarely cheap. In exchange for a secure parking spot that you can use for multiple days up to weeks, the parking provider expects high payments. The more comfortable the parking process and getting to the airport gate is, the more expensive the service. Using the following tips, you can limit the costs of airport parking during your holiday.

●     Online-Booking

In most cases, online prices are much better than the prices you must pay on site. Checking the prices and booking online is always a good idea. When you are already at the airport, the providers can ask for higher prices since you have little choice but to find a parking space at that moment.

Thinking ahead and booking online leaves you with more service and price options to choose from.

●     Comparison Websites

You don’t always have to book over the official parking provider’s website itself. Instead, a comparison website will allow you to:

a)  find the best prices,

b)  compare the services these prices entail, and

c)   book right over their web platform.

In some cases, the websites have partnerships with the parking space providers that give them a small commission for mediating the parking space. However, this does not always mean that the prices offered by comparison websites are more expensive than the ones on the provider’s website itself. In many cases, to lure many customers, they are even more attractive.

●     Different Providers/Different Services

The main help the comparison website provides is to allow a quick and comprehensive overview of different parking spaces and their service scope during the chosen time frame.

It is important to compare both the price and the service that is included in it. Typically, you can divide the parking services into multiple levels, like:

  • regular parking
    • shuttle parking
    • valet parking

Depending on the service chosen, you will need to bridge the distance between the cheaper but far away parking spaces and the airport gates with a shuttle or benefit from the carefree service of driving right to the airport gate and having a valet pick up your car and park it for you. Naturally, the latter is more expensive.

The same is true for official airport parking vs. off-site parking. Since the airport parking is close to the gates and connected to the trustworthy airport name, many travelers chose them as their parking option.

However, to compete with these advantages, the off-site parking providers often offer better services and prices. Here, things like a shuttle or valet service help cover the distance between the parking lot and the airport gate.

The more practical and secure a parking option is, the more expensive it becomes. When you are looking for the best prices, you can decide to book a slightly farther away parking lot instead to save money.

●     Dates & Timeframe

Lastly, how expensive the parking is, is typically tied to the specific dates and how long you will park your car. In many cases, the daily fee goes down the longer you park your car at a time.

Equally, prices are cheaper the farther in advance you book the parking space.

In some cases, specific dates can be more expensive than others. This might be true for weekends or certain holidays, like Easter time, where many people travel, and the parking spaces are in high demand. In these timeframes, parking space providers can ask for higher prices.

If you are not tied to specific dates for your travel, it can pay off to try out some dates and find the cheapest options before you decide on dates for your holiday.

Airport parking is expensive. This is especially true for the official parking spaces found close to the airport gates. Parking lot providers that are farther away, but cover the distance with things like shuttle services, are cheaper.

When you are looking for a cheap airport parking space, it pays off to use comparison websites to find the cheapest providers with the best service for a suitable price. Additionally, booking far in advance and online will always lower the prices. In some cases, smart selection for the holiday dates helps push the price even further.

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