Training An Anxious Dog: A Step-By-Step Guide

Training An Anxious Dog: A Step-By-Step Guide

Having an anxious dog can be tough to deal with sometimes. But with a little patience and training, you can surely help your dog. Training will help your dog feel braver and confident and help them stay calmer. 

The first thing you have to do is to find what causes anxiety in them. Once you know the real reason you can start training your dog. It may take a while but surely your dog is worth all the time and effort. 

Take things slow and create a positive environment around them to make them feel safe and secure. In this article, we have provided all the information, and a step-by-step guide to help your anxious dog.

What Makes A Dog Anxious? 

Dogs can experience anxiety just like humans, feeling worried or scared in certain situations. They can get anxiety from loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks. If you leave them alone for long periods it also makes them anxious. 

Big changes in their routine or environment can also affect dogs like moving to a new house or adding a new family member. Some dogs get anxious while traveling or visiting new places. Like humans, their past traumatic incidents can make them panic or stress. 

It is important to consider the factors that trigger anxiety in your dog, each dog is different and the reason can also be different. So, it is important to know the reason that causes stress in them and help them overcome their fears.

Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs 

Dogs show anxiety through their body language such as hiding behind walls and tucking tails inside their legs. Dogs usually hide in tight spaces as doing this may help in feeling safe. 

Some dogs might lose their control over the bladder which leads to urination and defecation in the house. Also, if you have noticed your dog drools excessively it might be because of stress or anxiety as their mouth becomes extra moist when under stress. 

Anxious dogs might become destructive, chewing on furniture or digging holes. They might bark or whine more than usual. Loss of appetite and potty accidents in the house can also indicate anxiety. 

In severe cases, anxious dogs may show aggression like growling or snapping. If you notice these signs in your dog, try to identify and calm your dog down. You can also shop for the best CBD oils for dogs as it is a great solution for treating anxiety in dogs.

Tips For Training For Anxious Dog

You can help your dog to manage its anxiety if not completely but up to some level. You can implement several techniques or provide your dog training sessions to help it deal with such situations. Some of the tips that help your dog are:

  1. Create a safe Environment:

A safe and peaceful environment is very important for dogs especially when they are dealing with anxiety. Start by providing them with a comfortable bed and space where they can feel safe whenever they feel overwhelmed. 

Also, minimize the factors that cause anxiety in your dog such as loud noises or new people until they get comfortable with things. You can also give them cozy toys, and a warm blanket as a sense of security.

  1. Gradual Exposure and desensitization:

If your dog is scared of something, make it comfortable by providing little exposure from time to time. This will allow your dog to have some time to adjust, for example, if your dog is scared of noises start by playing audio at low intensity. 

Praise and give treats when your dog stays calm. Each time, play the audio a little louder or closer. Keep giving treats and saying “good dog” for being brave. After many tries, your dog will adjust itself to the noises and other fears.

  1. Positive reinforcement Training

Treats and praise work great for helping your anxious dog. Talk to them in a happy voice whenever they feel scared. Don’t shout at your dogs as it will make things worse for your dog. Instead, reward them with a treat or a soft toy. You may need to do the same thing over and over again so be patient with your dog.

How Can CBD Calm Your Anxious Dog? 

CBD is known to be a great solution for calming anxious dogs. Many pet owners use CBD products to calm their stressed dogs. CBD interacts with the body’s ECS. 

This system helps regulate things like mood, stress, and anxiety. CBD can provide relaxation and reduce fearful or anxious behaviors in dogs.

Here are some steps that help in calming your dog using CBD:

  • Go for High Quality CBD products: Choosing the right CBD products for dogs is very important, select brands that are trusted and reputed in the market. Try to look for products with (COA) from third-party lab testing such as Colorado Botanicals which ensures the quality and safety of the product.
  • Start with a Low Dose: If you are introducing CBD products to your dog make sure you start by giving a small dose. Afterwards, you can increase it gradually by observing the effects of CBD.

    It does not cause any side effects but helps dogs with anxiety. CBD products like treats or oils are usually safe for dogs when you give the right amount.
  • Try it with training: Along with CBD make sure your dog gets proper training. CBD when combined with training works more effectively. You can also introduce positive reinforcement techniques to work with the root cause. Take the help or guidance of a veterinarian to help your anxious dog.
  • Use a calm environment: Along with CBD, make sure your anxious pup gets plenty of exercise, fun activity toys, and a regular daily routine. Provide them with a comfortable and quiet place for them to relax. It will benefit dogs with mood disorders.

Key Takeaways

Helping your anxious dog takes time and patience. First, you need to identify what triggers stress and anxiety in your dog. Once you know the trigger points it can be loud noises, strange people, or new places. 

Use a lot of positive energy while training dogs, praise them, and reward them with treats when they stay calm. Many people prefer CBD products for their dogs to keep them calm and relaxed. CBD is known for providing relief to pain and reducing stress and anxiety. 

It works with ECS in the body which regulates all these functions and it works well for dogs. When giving your dog CBD products, it is important to purchase from a reputable seller such as Colorado Botanicals to ensure the quality and purity of the products.

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