Trick… or how about these treats?

Trick… or how about these treats?

The best part about Halloween is the endless amounts of Halloween treats.

At Bounce, we love Halloween so in light of this spooky day we have put together a completion of our favourite Halloween treats… there’s no tricks here!

Lush Cosmetics

Punkin Pumpkin – Bath Bomb – £4.95 / each
Beware the things that go punk in the night and fill your bath to the brim with fright. Those eyes that glow in a pitch-black room, belong to the spooks of warm cinnamon.

Pumpkin Spice – Lip Scrub – £6.50 / each
Break out the knitted jumpers and kiss summer goodbye – autumn has arrived. For a true taste of autumn put down the latte and reach for this indulgent scrub, packed with sweet and spicy flavours that will have you feeling thankful.
Like a slice of freshly baked pumpkin pie, this comforting mixture of clove bud oil, ginger oleoresin and cinnamon powder has been blended together to perfect that pout and warm your lips against the cool autumn air. Caster sugar gently buffs and polishes dry skin away, while pumpkin butter and jojoba oil soften and soothe for kissable lips you’ll want to cosy up with all season long. Go on, spice up your life!

Mercury Retrograde – Bath Bomb – £4.95 / each
On All Hallows’ Eve this year, Mercury will be in retrograde. But before thoughts of imminent chaos cross your mind, grab this cosmic bath bomb. Whether you’ve slept through your alarm, or conversations with friends seem curious, you might be in need of some reassurance. Sicilian lemon oil collides with stimulating ginger to ease tension and lift your mood. While sodium alginate cocoons you in comfort, coarse sea salt helps soften skin. Be soothed by fruity buchu and spicy cinnamon that will leave you feeling celestial and wash any worries of weird interactions away.

Monster’s Ball – Bath Bomb – £5.50 / each
A specdracula event awaits. Keep your ghoul and get ready to boogie on down to the bathroom for an enchanting monster mash up of uplifting essential oils. Run your bath and thriller up before revelling in the frightful fizzes of mood beasting neroli as tendrils of soothing olibanum oil keep you grounded. Sit back in the skin-softening Himalayan salt and bathe in gory as energising lime oil keeps you dancing from dusk ’til dawn.

Sparkly Pumpkin – Bubble Bar – £4.95 / each
If you’re pumped for Halloween, you’re sure to feel jacked up by this sparkly bubble bar. Crumble your pumpkin up under running water to build a mountain of soft bubbles. Lie back in the warming juniperberry and uplifting grapefruit waters as they brighten your skin and mood. Happy-making lime oil scares away the doldrums and blues, making you feel happy as a Jack who got the scream. This shimmery pumpkin is really Samhain to shout about.

Crystal Head Vodka is selling Canadian Crystal Head Vodka starting at £39.99 – premium vodka in a crystal skull-shaped bottle. Two of the expressions are vegan and there is a gift pack containing 4 x mini skull shot glasses. There are mini skulls too for £6.90. Highest quality peaches and cream corn is distilled four times into a neutral grain spirit and blended with pristine water from Newfoundland, Canada. The liquid is then filtered seven times, of which three are through layers of semi-precious crystals known as Herkimer diamonds.

KISS nails and lashes


Halloween Jewellery

Check out the Halloween jewellery at jewellerybox with over 110 pieces of Sterling Silver Halloween jewellery, starting at just £4.35.

Find great accessories for your Halloween outfits, as well as for little gifts for people attending their Halloween party. From teeny cat hoop earrings, to little moon studs and skulls, there’s such a wide range of pieces.

Gold plated sterling silver & blue enamel dreamcatcher bracelet 7 inches

Gold plated sterling silver & blue enamel dreamcatcher necklace w 18 inch chain

Gold plated sterling silver & blue enamel dreamcatcher earrings

Creepy Candles

Meet Kisa, the adorable and innocent looking cat PyroPet from 54 Celsius. Crafted with stunning lines, this cat is a work of art but not all it seems. Once you light Kisa’s wick, the real transformation begins as molten wax drips down it makes an evolving piece of art. Once lit, the candle reveals a wild and untamed beast that has fire in her eyes. Underneath the wax is a hidden metal skeleton, which wants to break free as the candle burns. She entices and enlightens every room with her starry eyes and grinning mouth.

The candle burns for 20 hours, and each time it is lit a little more shows. Its inquisitive nature suits the cat and its sculpted skeleton is a real art piece. When partly visible Kisa is a little scary and amazing when fully exposed. She becomes a sculpture that can be kept forever. The candles are meant to be burnt and used, to encourage art and embrace people to appreciate all forms of art at home.

The Kisa PyroPet is available in a range of colours and costs £27 from

Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely is launching a new flavour from October – White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy.

The new bar comes in a bright pink wrapper, is made with Belgian Fairtrade white chocolate with freeze-dried pieces of raspberry and a generous scoop of popping candy – it’s totally delicious and addictive!

As you may already know, Tony’s exists to make the chocolate industry 100% slave free – it’s an industry fraught with ethical problems, especially in West Africa including Ghana – and Tony’s has revolutionised how it sources, processes and pays for cocoa to inspire other chocolate makers to change their ways and make a difference. The white chocolate is made with cocoa butter – Tony’s (in typical Tony’s style) have created their very own system in West Africa to be able to trace their cocoa butter back to source, and they personally work with the farms and factories to make it.

Tony’s Chocolonely White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy 180g

RRP £3.99

Available in: Wholefoods, Selfridges, Tony’s online store and independent stores nationwide


HARIBO and MAOAM have teamed up to ‘share the scare’ this Halloween.

Coming together in one bag for the very first time, this tasty multipack offers the perfect mix of family favourites for those who want less of the trick and more of the treat this Halloween.

Pre-portioned and individually wrapped, this spell-binding assortment features HARIBO Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix and Giant Strawbs Gone Mini, alongside MAOAM Stripes, Pinballs and Joystixx.

Packed with a devilishly delicious concoction of 32* mini treats, the HARIBO and MAOAM Duo Pack is just the potion for any ghosts or ghouls that come a-knocking!

*contains approximately 32 items

HARIBO Trick or Treat

HARIBO Trick or Treat is just what you need for all the vampish visitors that will be knocking at your door this Halloween. Containing bat, broomstick, frog and spider shaped pieces, these themed gums and jellies have been brewed up in two multipacks, containing 11 or 35 mini bags – perfect, pre-portioned and petrifying!

MAOAM Halloween Mixx

MAOAM’s not so sweet this Halloween, following the launch of a frightfully good limited-edition Halloween Mixx.  Bringing together the perfect potion of sweet and sour, this bag (400g) offers a ‘fang-tastic’ mix of MAOAM’s iconic products and flavours includes Stripes, Joystixx and Bloxx. Ideal for trick or treating and parties, share the scare this Halloween.

Cool photos

PNY have a cool smartphone lens kit to create even scarier photos this Halloween. Share your spooky snaps of the best, or worst, fancy dress and capture that moment when you make a friend jump with a super wide angle or fisheye lens. All stored in a small handy case, the lens kit is essential for any Halloween party to take the best pictures and you can fit it all in your fancy dress pocket or handbag.

More details on the lens kit are below.

PNY 4-in-1 Lens Kit – available from Amazon, £25.65

  • Lens kit includes: super wide angle, fisheye, wide angle, macro
  • Comes with handy carry case
  • 3 mounting options to your phone (magnetic clips, rings and plate)

McVitie’s Spooktacular Treats for Halloween

In celebration of the most frightening day of the year, McVitie’s has launched a brand-new limited-edition range of Spooktacular biscuits. The new ‘Trick or Treat Mix’ includes five packs of Iced Gems, six packs of Mini Gingerbread Men and five packs of Mini Penguins – perfect for those scary Trick or Treaters, Halloween party bags, or adding to your child’s lunchbox.

These fang-tastic treats are available to buy now in Asda and Morrison stores nationwide for just £2.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask

Embrace the Autumn season and treat stressed-out, sun kissed skin, with this sheet mask that contains 24ct gold and pumpkin extracts.

This bio-cellulose sheet mask hugs every contour of the face in order to impart its precious, skin-boosting ingredients. First in the line-up is pumpkin extract, which is packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids to increase cell turnover, brighten and smooth the skin.

Alongside this, 24ct gold minimises redness and works to reduce signs of ageing, slowing down collagen depletion and increasing elasticity. Just 10-20 minutes with this mask (selfie optional!) and your skin will be left soft, plump and gorgeously radiant.

The Too Cool For School Range is available from larger Boots stores,,,, and now.

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