Vanicure – The Beauty Regimen for the V

Vanicure – The Beauty Regimen for the V

Women should feel confident about their most beautiful part of their body and comfortable about including the bikini area in their overall self-care regimen. We believe that the messaging and every touch point should be a positive experience for all women. This new modern approach gives them confidence and enhances a feeling of body positivity.

The Perfect V gives women a sense of confidence and well being.

The delicate skin of the bikini area is different than the rest of a woman’s body. It has more sweat glands, the pH is different, and there are some skin problems that can happen from chafing, sweating and hair removal.

VANICURE a basic SKINCARE regimen for the V

Step 1 – Cleanse Step 2 – Exfoliate Step 3 – Moisturise

Each step is important – allows each subsequent step to work more effectively for smooth soft skin.

While living in Copenhagen, Avonda Urben, a former beauty executive at L’Oreal, Revlon and Almay, she embraced the natural lifestyle of her Scandinavian friends. Clean beauty was the norm and they had a cool confidence about their bodies which made an impression on her. Realizing that there wasn’t a premium skincare line for the bikini area, she developed a new concept for taking care of the delicate skin of the V, the VANICURE.

The Perfect VTM was both inspired by and embraces the Scandinavian woman’s lifestyle. Scandinavian women feel comfortable, carefree and confident in their skin, whatever their age or shape and are at ease with themselves—a very alluring trait. It’s in their DNA, integral to the Scandinavian love of all things natural & simple and makes for a more liberated and beautiful, lifestyle.

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