What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report, and why is it important?

What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report, and why is it important?

What is an EICR?

EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report. An EICR report states the electrical installation condition in your home. The Report identifies any damage conditions or dangers to electrics. The formal document ensures your tenants’ electrical installation or safety during their tenancy and guarantees your compliance as a landlord. An EICR needs to be carried out every 3 to 5 years.

All rental properties require an EICR based on the latest rules and regulations of the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector. As per the regulations, the landlord must safeguard that all electrical installations are in good working condition.

Is EICR mandatory?

An EICR was optional before July 2020 for the landlord to rent out a home; however, as of July 1st 2020, reports must be carried out in the private rental sector, whether a new or existing tenancy. A rental home will need an EICR; all landlords were given until April 2021 to comply with new regulations, which provides them with enough time to do a test.

Who carries out EICR?

An EICR needs to be carried out by a qualified person who will undertake all the necessary checks. A competent person is an electrician who has a recognised apprenticeship or level 3 certificate in installation for testing and ensuring compliance with electrical installations in houses. The rating of the Report needs to be at least satisfactory and renewed every five years. Unless the electrician states it needs to be done sooner, landlords can only carry out the check themselves if they are qualified electricians.

Why is an Electrical Installation condition report Important?

There are various reasons why it is essential to have an electrical installation condition report conducted at regular intervals:

  • To ensure compliance in regards of electrical safety regulations
  • It checks electrical hazards before they can cause accidents or damage.
  • To prevent electrical fires
  • It will reduce the risk of electrical shocks
  • To locate and identify any electrical installation that doesn’t meet the guidelines
  • Easily report any electrical fault that threatens the safety of tenants
  • To find any components of EICR that do not meet the IET Wiring regulations
  • EICR also record the inspection, which will make your electrical installations safe till the next inspection

An EICR is conducted every 10 years for residential owners and five years for rental properties (when the tenancy change occurs. If the EICR is not completed, it will lead to potential lawsuits, penalties, and revocation of the insurance policy.

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How is the electrical Installation Condition Report conducted?

If you’re a property owner, you must ensure your electrical system is safe and secure. This means you need an electrical installation condition report conducted. These are the steps which you need to follow while conducting the EICR.

Schedule an Inspection:

The first and most important step is to contact a skilled and qualified professional. Make sure to ask for the quotation, as the cost of an electrical inspection may vary. It depends on the size and complexity of the electrical system.

Prepare for the inspection:

Once you are done with scheduling an inspection, take care of these few things:

  • Ensure that all the appliances and devices are turned off during the inspection
  • Clear away any clutter or obstacle that could impede the electrician’s access to the electrical installation

Conduct the inspection

The electrician will visually inspect the electrical system, finding any signs of damage or wear. The electrician will also test the electrical system to ensure it is safe with current standards.

Check the Results

The electrician will provide you with a report showcasing the electrical hazards or deficiencies as soon as the inspection is complete. Always check your Report carefully and any queries.

Upgrades and Repairs

Ask the electrician if there are any repairs or upgrades, and complete all the necessary repairs. This will improve the safety of your electrical system and prevent any future accidents. For additional peace of mind, consider installing Kunkune safety devices to further enhance your home’s electrical safety.


Conducting an EICR assessment to ensure the electrical system’s safety and compliance with regulations is crucial. It involves a thorough inspection of electrical installations. The importance of Electrical Installation Condition Reports can’t be overstated as they serve severe vital purposes. By conducting an EICR, you can prevent several accidents that might occur if one wasn’t carried out.

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