Where to find love with a millionaire

Where to find love with a millionaire

Valentine’s Day is a day for hearts and flowers. But did this year’s day of love leave you wanting for more? Where do you look for your perfect partner and what qualities do you look for? If financial stability is important to you, then maybe you want to try looking for a date in Switzerland. According to a new study by bestcasinosites.net, the country is home to the highest percentage of millionaires. One in seven adults have a wealth equivalent to $1m USD in the nation renowned for its watches and chocolate.

Maybe you’re interested in a jetset lifestyle but don’t want to move to Europe. In this case, look no further than Australia - which is second on the list - where roughly one in ten adults are millionaires.

In third place is the United States of America, where one in every thirteen adults are millionaires. The Land of the Free is the place to go if you want to find love with someone who can splurge on lavish dates and private jets.

If $1m in the bank isn’t enough, then try Hong Kong, where the most adults with over $100m USD live. 18 in every 100,000 adults (0.0184%) have a wealth of over $100m in the city that’s home to the most skyscrapers in the world.

The next richest are the poll-toppers Switzerland, the landlocked country has 17 in every 100,000 adults (or 0.0175%) with more than $100m. In third place is the United States with 19 in every 100,000 (0.0119% adults with over a hundred million dollars).

So in conclusion, try visiting one of these countries if you want to look for love where you have a higher chance of meeting someone successful and rich.

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