Why Tyre Care is important for road safety

Why Tyre Care is important for road safety

Different driving styles impact the quality of your tyres. If you are a rash driver the quality of tyres might suffer and your tyres might worn out quicker than expected. If you are living in London , you need to buckle up as roads are going to get more busier in the coming days. Regardless the type of driver you are, you just cannot miss out on tyre care.

Tyres are the major components that are in direct contact with different road terrains while you drive. Therefore, it is not only the engine or other exterior parts of the car you should look out for but tyres too as they play a major source in achieving a smooth drive too.

Look out for wobbling sound

If you hear a wobbling sound in your tyres while you are driving or feel your steering vibrating unexpectedly. You should know that there is a problem in the alignment of your wheels. This can be unsafe as wheels that are not properly aligned can cause your car to drift into the wrong direction and lose your control over it. Therefore, it is recommended that as soon as you feel your car is moving in one direction solely as you lose your steering wheel , you need to check your wheels for proper alignment. You can look for a reliable garage near you where they have trained staff that can help you fix your wheels.

Look out for tyre wear and tear

If you have installed tyres long ago and have not checked upon them , there is a likely chance you might not have noticed that the rubber quality of your tyres is suffering from constant friction of the road.  This will not only make your tyres worthless in the coming days but also increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Worn out tyres might impact the speed of your driving hence consuming up more fuel then required. Furthermore if your tyres are getting old the tread depth of the tyres will be affected. Tread depth is a protective layer attached around the tyres to keep the tyres safe from constant road friction. The minimum tread depth according to vehicle law has to be 1.6mm.Hence, it is suggested to have a regular check on the quality of your tyres. Replacing old tyres with new ones will be a smart move and save you from inconvenience. If you are looking for a local recommendation you can buy car tyres from DAT Tyres now – check their website here. 

Check Upon the pressure levels

A well balanced tyre pressure helps you experience a smooth driving experience. Both under balanced and overbalanced tyre pressure can lead to tyre problems while you are driving and you do not want that! If you have taken up your car for a long drive and have accidentally inserted excessive air pressure in them , there is a likely chance that they might burst if contacted with a road bump at high speed. Another case is that if your tyres have lost proper air pressure in them and you have taken your car out for a drive or any other purpose for that matter, you might undergo an unexpected tyre puncture in the middle of a busy road. Therefore it is recommended to always check your tyres for proper air pressure in them using a pressure gauge tool.

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