11 Simple Ways to Give Any Living Space A Makeover

11 Simple Ways to Give Any Living Space A Makeover

Homeownership is a major milestone in our lives. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties though. You need to maintain your home’s structure and its decor to give it the respect it deserves.

It only takes a few short years for living spaces to start looking dated, or for you to start to get bored with their appearance. Decorating a home can feel like a job that never ends, as soon as one room is finished you are planning your next renovation. It does not have to be like this though.

You can do many simple things to change how your living spaces look, without having to start any big redecorating jobs. Some may cost you a bit of money, but they are smart investments to make in your home.

Many of these top tips will cost you nearly nothing, just a little time and effort. Let us get started, so you can get making over your living spaces right away.

Breathe New Life Into Your Spaces With New Carpet

Sometimes a space only needs a single, simple change to make a huge difference. New carpets in a bedroom or living space can give it a quick update without too much fuss, the carpet fitters will do the hard work.

If you have a lot of rooms to recarpet, or your entire home, you will need a supplier that has plenty of choices on offer. Designer Carpet has a range of carpets that could work well in any living space. Whether you are renovating a bedroom, living room, or hallway, you will be able to find the perfect carpet for your space online.

Add Some Art To Your Living Spaces

Walls get left blank and bare in a lot of homes. This is a shame, as they present a massive opportunity for self-expression and a simple and cost-effective way to bring colour and patterns to a flat and mono-coloured wall.

Art can be anything you want it to be. You can pick up something for just a few pounds in a charity shop or bric-a-brac sale or go wild and spend big bucks on a work of art that really love. Photos are art too, and you can use your own as art on your wall.

Bring The Outdoors Inside With Plants

Plants and flowers bring texture and colour to any space, as well as a fragrance in some cases. It is not just flowers that give off a scent. Herbs and plants like aloe vera can help add a pleasant small to your living spaces.

You do not have to be a green-thumbed horticultural expert to keep a few plants alive, especially if you go with something low maintenance. This makes aloe vera a good choice again, as it is used to a hot and dry climate. If you forget to water it for a day or two it will be fine.

Create A Feature In Any Room On Any Wall

If you have never heard of a feature wall, where have you been? These have been a home makeover staple for a couple of decades now, and they show no signs of falling out of favour. Their simplicity and cost-effectiveness are probably why.

Painting a single wall, chimney breast, or alcoves in a room in its own bold colour creates a feature wall. Wallpaper works just as well, and if it is only for a small space, you can splash out on an expensive roll. Feature walls are low effort as well as low cost. It only takes a few hours to paint of paper a small space.

Change Your Accessories, Not Your Decor

Many spaces just need a change in their accessories like lamps, lampshades, picture frames, and furniture to give them a whole new look. You can go as far as new sofas and chairs in a living room if you want to, but you do not need to go to that extreme to have a big impact.

Consider choosing a theme, colour, or material to accent the room’s colour and style. If there is a gold colour in the pattern of your wallpaper, for example, switching to brass or gold effect light switches and plug sockets can help unify the appearance of the space.

Switch Your Lighting To Something New

Possibly the cheapest and quickest tip on this list is so incredibly simple you can be forgiven for thinking it will not make a big change to your room, but you would be wrong. Change your lightbulbs.

This does not mean switching like for like but changing to a different type of lightbulb that produces a different light. This will literally change the way you see a space. More light can be what some spaces need, so you may need to up the wattage of your bulb.

Clear Up The Clutter

This is definitely the cheapest tip, but probably not the quickest. It is easy to let your home get cluttered up over time by nick-nacks and keepsakes. Some spaces can become a dumping ground for household bits and pieces that do not have a place they belong.

De-cluttering and having a large-scale tidy-up session in your home can work wonders. If you get really ruthless with some of the things you find, you could even make a bit of extra cash to fund a makeover elsewhere in the home. Sell your unwanted things online and replace the clutter with cash.

Get Smart And Stylish With Some Home Organising

If you have managed to clear the clutter, you are going to need to try and keep things tidy. Organising a home is a job that never ends. Modern storage solutions can be very stylish, and with a place for everything and everything in its place your home will seem like a less chaotic space.

Make as much use as you can of any attic, basement, and cupboard space by organising these first with boxes and containers. When you have done that, you will probably have more space there than you started with, organising things creates space. Then take this approach to the rest of the home.

Take Your Style To The Ceiling

The ceilings in your home are probably only sparingly decorated. Most people will cover their ceilings in the same colour as their walls, or something close to it. If you think that one of your living spaces is missing something, and needs a little extra to freshen it up, then consider decorating the ceiling.

Wallpapering a ceiling is a bold move but produces a striking effect. It might sound tricky to do, but with some patience and practice, it is not too different from wallpapering a wall. Only attempt it yourself if you a good with a pasting brush and a pair of scissors. It is a demanding job but worthwhile.

Add Panelling Or Moulding To A Wall

You can break up the colours of a room and add some texture and depth, by adding some wood panelling to the bottom of your walls. This can run around a room, or along one wall, and be painted in a new colour that contrasts or accentuates your existing decor. Another option is to add skirting boards along the bottom of the wall.

Crown mouldings join the top of the wall to the ceiling and give a room a very classical look. This is best done to an entire room, rather than just one wall. They can also be painted any colour giving you lots of interior design options. If you have a dark wall and ceiling, painting mouldings in a light colour or white can have a framing effect on the wall, which is a great look for any space.

Spruce Up Your Stairs

You will climb up and down your stairs at least twice a day when you get up in the morning and go to bed at night, but you probably walk up and down them a lot more than that. Do not neglect your stairway and bring some glam to the steps.

Recovering them in decorative tile, or a different carpet can make them stand out a bit. Choosing a covering that is hard-wearing is a smart choice. They are heavy traffic areas, and kids have a habit of stomping up and down them, especially in their teenage years, so you want a surface that can stand up to the wear and tear. It should also be a safe and non-slip surface for safety.

It will only take a few of these tips to make a big change to how your living spaces look. You may need to invest money in some areas to get the result you want, but most of our tips do not cost much.

With some of your time and a little hard work, you can revolutionise the look of every room in your house. Even the hallways, stairs, and landing can get a bit of extra attention and help you, your family, and guests see your home in a whole new light.

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