How to Tempt a Fussy Dog that Won’t Eat

How to Tempt a Fussy Dog that Won’t Eat

Source: Gentle Dog Trainers

While some dogs will eat literally anything you put in front of them – and all non-edible things too – other dogs are more discerning. A fussy dog will turn their nose up at food they previously enjoyed. Not only is this annoying but it also leads to food being wasted unnecessarily.

If you have ruled out any health issues for their loss of appetite, such as teeth problems or swallowing difficulties, here are some tips to get a fussy dog to eat his breakfast, dinner, or tea.

Make Your Dog’s Food More Appealing

Some dogs have a low boredom threshold and after a while, they get sick of eating the same food day in and day out. Who can blame them? You’d probably feel the same if all you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for weeks at a time was a few biscuits.

Look at ways to add a bit of interest to your dog’s regular food. Applaws has some tasty toppers that are perfect for making dried food more appetising to a fussy eater. Choose from a selection of bone broth toppers, gravy toppers, filet toppers, and more. The all-natural ingredients are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs too.

Have Set Mealtimes

Dogs are like toddlers in that they thrive on set routines. Always feed your dog at the same time every day. This ensures they know when to expect food. When it is time for food, put the dog’s bowl down and leave them alone. If after 30 minutes the bowl still contains food, remove it.

It may take a few days of sticking to this routine but eventually, your dog will start eating his food when it is presented.

Quit Feeding Your Dog Snacks

Too many snacks will affect your dog’s appetite – unless he is a Labrador, in which case his tummy will be a bottomless pit and you won’t be reading this article.

Snacks are bad for fussy dogs. An occasional doggy biscuit to reward good behaviour probably won’t matter, but if you or your family routinely offer snacks and/or human food to the dog, this could be why he’s not eating his regular food. Stop giving him snacks and treats and see if his appetite returns.

Have a Mealtime Playdate

Some dogs are disinterested in food when they eat alone, but if another (hungry) dog is there, it can provoke their appetite. Try feeding your dog when one of his doggy pals is there. If a fussy dog doesn’t eat his dinner fast, the other dog is likely to polish it off in record time. Seeing someone else eat his meal might cure his fussiness once and for all.

Note: don’t try this if either dog has a strong resource guarding instinct, as a fight could break out.

Try not to worry if you have a fussy pooch. A dog will eat when he’s truly hungry. If you avoid making a fuss about the fact he’s not eating, sooner or later, he will eat whatever you put down. The exception is when there is an underlying health issue – if eating is painful or difficult because of sore teeth or a physical blockage, the problem will continue, so it’s important to seek medical advice.

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