3 Home Improvements To Consider If You’re Looking To Add Value To Your London Home

3 Home Improvements To Consider If You’re Looking To Add Value To Your London Home

Let’s face it, buying or selling real estate in London can be an expensive affair, especially when you’re trying to make a return on your initial investment. Thankfully, there are various ways that homeowners can add value to their property to generate a return on their initial investment, from adding an extension, converting the loft, and refreshing the property’s exterior.

Depending on which home improvement project you opt for, some might be quick, straightforward, and inexpensive alterations that will add appeal to your property instantly. In contrast, others might be larger in scale, more costly, and add value to your home over time. This article outlines several home improvement suggestions to consider if you’re looking to add value to your London home – keep reading to find out more.

Convert Your Loft

Loft conversions are an attractive option for homeowners looking to add value to their property. Typically, a loft conversion will set you back around £30,000-£69,000 depending on which type of conversion or loft conversion architect you opt for and will take around six to nine weeks to complete depending on the size.

Once the conversion is completed, you could expect to receive an estimated 10-20% increase in the value of your property. So, if you were to weigh up the cost of the build with the expected increase in value your property could receive, it surpasses the costs and makes it a worthwhile investment. Consider contacting a loft conversion architect such as Fast Plans to get started. These experts can help you design the conversion and give you all the information you need.

As well as helping you with innovative loft design solutions, they will work alongside you to increase the value of your property and make the process as streamlined as possible. Peruse their website for more information or contact a team member directly to learn how their services could be used.

Upgrade To Bifold Doors

During the summer months, we want to spend as much time outside as possible and what better way to do so than by upgrading your current doors to bifold ones. As well as adding value to your home, bifold doors can help make your space look bigger and airier due to the increase in natural light being let into the property, making your property look more appealing to prospective buyers.

As an estimate, you can expect to pay around £1,2000 per linear metre for high-quality bifold doors, but this price may differ depending on providers; you may also want to set additional funds aside for delivery, installation, and VAT.

Fix Any Issues With Décor

When preparing a property for sale, one of the most apparent jobs on your to-do list is fixing any cosmetic issues. No matter how minor, cosmetic problems with your house can affect your asking price and deter potential buyers. It may cause them to speculate whether the property has any more significant, costlier issues underlying.

Minimise any causes for concern by endeavouring to fix any issues with the property’s décor, from peeling paint, repairing door locks, cracked or missing tiles and many more. Even the most minor defects can put off buyers, and a confident DIY-er can improve most – so save yourself the hassle and fix these issues before any viewings!

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