The surprising health benefits of playing games online

The surprising health benefits of playing games online

We have all heard about the potential negative effects of gambling and in particular, problem-gambling. While they are all true and important to bear in mind, there are also potential positive health benefits that come with gambling and playing games inline. Tag along as we discuss some of them below.

The benefits discussed in this article can be true for gaming overall as well as both online and offline gambling. So, whether you would like to spend time in the couch with a good console game, or if you have found your favorite online casino through, you can reap the fruits from some of the benefits below .

Endorphins and adrenaline

First and foremost, the root of both the good and the bad; gaming can bring you some joy. When you play an exciting game, you become interested, nervous, and thrilled, and of course happy if you were to manage the whole game. These processes act physiologically in our minds and bodies as well. The thrill of gaming gives us adrenaline, a rush of excitement. Winning gives us a rush of joy and sends out endorphins, or feel-good hormones, throughout the body.

Stress relief

Gaming can also act as a stress reliever. It can make the person playing forget about time and space for a while and is something game developers are aware of. A typical example is the one of gambling institutions as they do not have any casinos clocks hanging in the gaming rooms.

Even though there are risks while gambling, it too can act as a stress relief, and is especially true for women. According to the National Council on Problem Gaming, as many as 95% of women do “escape gambling” to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Gambling becomes a way to do something simply for oneself, an act of autonomy, and therefore gambling acts as a coping mechanism.


In some cases, gaming and gambling can help people make new connections and friends. This is especially true for physical gambling, such as casinos, where people can meet and engage in small talk around the gaming tables or when they wait in line for their favorite slots machine. It is also true for online games where players need to communicate with each other to solve complicated tasks.

 Having social connections is a big part of mental health and reduces the risk of isolation and depression. Gaining a new social circle does not only help reduce risks for mental health issues. In addition to giving your life a sense of purpose and belonging, it can of course also help you improve your skills through informally shared tips. This will make your overall experience more positive and might even win you some more of that delightful endorphin.

Sharpening the mind

The activity of gaming can be a good brain exercise. Similarly, to crosswords or sudokus, more complicated games can keep our analytical and logical brain functions active. In the long run, these mentally stimulating activities can help slow onset of memory diseases such as dementia. So, play on, play safe, and bring your friends.

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