3 Tips for preparing your car for holiday traveling

3 Tips for preparing your car for holiday traveling

As winter is in full swing and Christmas is just around the corner – we all are looking forward to cherishing the holiday season. Many of us plan to stay home but some of us have to go out. If you are planning to head out without running proper checks on your car; especially the tyres – then that’s a very dangerous choice.

Luckily, there are few basic checks that you can do, to make your vehicles be on their best behavior in these holidays.

Take a look at these simple but useful tips:

Battery Check 

During winters we often tend to use vehicles less often and keep them parked in chilly weather. This can cause the battery to run out of charge as it does not get proper engine heat. To avoid this situation it is recommended that you atleast take your car out for a 10 minutes spin around the neighbourhood , if you can’t do that then you can always charge your battery by turning your car engine on for a few minutes twice a week depending on how harsh the weather will get in the coming time. You can also use a battery charger that is easily available in the market to restore battery power. Driving with a weak battery will cause a vehicle breakdown.

Tyre Check 

Monitoring tyres during this time is very important – as in order for your tyres to gain extra resistance on the wet slippery road surface, there has to be stronger tread depth, balanced air pressure and good quality rubber. First of all to have a stronger grip on the road having a tread depth above 2mm is recommended. The more the outer tread of the tyres; the easier will it become to manage a smooth drive. Next up, is having proper tyre pressure. Normally, in winters, tyres tend to lose air in them therefore it is better to keep your tyre pressure levels to the balanced amount to avoid a blowout. If possible you should consider investing in new tyres – properly fitted by professionals. In London, you can look for local recommendations. For having the correct tyres in London you can book from Iverson Tyres here.

Wash Windvipers

Accumulated snow or other dirt particles in your vipers can compromise the driver’s view of the road. Piled up ice and dirt can cause damage on the wind shield like chips and cracks . Properly cleaning the vipers from gathered up particles will help you avoid stopping your car during rain or snow to clean it up at that time. Hence, cleaning up viper dirt daily during winters will help you avoid unexpected damage to your front screen.

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