7 Newborn Tips Tricks & Hacks For The First Months

7 Newborn Tips Tricks & Hacks For The First Months

As a new found parent everything seems so fresh, new and exciting! And also tiring, annoying and hard. The first few months can be challenging especially for the first time parents. It may be a cliche saying but it truly gets easier once you get the handle of it. By following our advice you’ll make the transition from a newbie parent to a pro much faster.

Get a good support system

As we’ve already established parenting can be very overwhelming at times. For this reason it is very important to surround yourself with people who care about you. Sometimes they will come in handy to babysit, but at other times it’s just nice to have someone who’ll listen to you rant. If you don’t have many friends we encourage you to visit some paternal or maternal classes where you’ll meet other parents who will hopefully be open to making some new friends.

Hold your baby

A very handy way of making a bond between you and your newborn is to hold them closely to you, if possible make sure that your bare skin touches theirs. When you’re snuggling up with your kid a hormone called Oxytocin or ‘love hormone’ is released, strengthening your connection. The easiest way you can get that cuddling time is while breastfeeding or giving them baby formula

Establish a bedtime routine early on

Working on a routine will make your life a million times easier. It is just terribly important to stay true to the routine, making deviations as few as possible. With a nice bedtime routine you’ll ensure that your kid will be quickly asleep and that they’ll sleep longer. A good hack is to introduce some lavender oil to their baths since it is said to have calming effects. 

Teach them the difference between night and day

One of the most important things that you need to do early on is to teach your baby the difference between night and day. What makes the littlest so different is that they can learn so much just by observing their surroundings. If you are careful to be a bit quieter, talk to them in soothing tones and not make feeding a playtime during small hours after some time they will know not to make a big fuss during nighttime. 

Babies love white noise

While in the womb babies are constantly exposed to white noise and sometimes it can be quite hard for them to adapt to the noises of the outside world. To make this transition as seamless as possible you should play some white noise to them while you’re putting them to sleep. Babies are able to focus on the white noise and block out other noise which they’re still not accustomed to.

Put the diaper on snugly

Most of the time baby’s diapers leak because they were put on too loosely. Freak accidents happen even to the best diaper changers out there but in order to make sure that your newborn’s diaper is put correctly pay attention to the leg cuffs. The cuffs should be sticking outside to secure from the blowouts. Another important aspect are the tabs which should always be snug around the waist. Be careful that your baby’s tummy isn’t squeezed too tight though.

Sleep when baby sleeps

Sometimes it’s hard to get some shut eye when you’re a new parent. The best possible way you can assure to get quality sleep is to use the time when the baby is asleep too to get the much needed rest. Take advantage of this time and forget about the chores. You need to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of the baby.

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