Renovation Tips That Will Add Value To Your Edinburgh Home

Renovation Tips That Will Add Value To Your Edinburgh Home

Making a few small changes such as sprucing up a room or cleaning the exterior, will likely be an attractive quality to potential buyers. With much larger projects, creating space or complete renovations, you will likely reap higher rewards. As houses prices in Edinburgh continue to rise, many are trying to either move up the property ladder or join it.

Whether you are mid-way through a project or not sure where to begin, here are just a few top tips to help you along the way.

Making A More Energy Efficient Home

Whilst most will not notice this change, it will be much appreciated when there are minimal breezes and reasonable bills. Although good insulation, like new windows and an insulated attic, is work that is worth doing – even if you do not see it. There is a rise in the number of potential buyers frequently asking about energy efficiency.

Additionally, new windows will not only transform the overall look of your home but will also help to cut down on your fuel bills.

Updating The Exterior

Many are choosing external insulation because it is less disruptive and can also help to transform the exterior of a house.Since the exterior of your house is the first thing visitors and potential buyers notice, it must be visually pleasing.

External roughcasting is a popular type of exterior wall treatment, very common on many Edinburgh homes. In addition to being a cost-effective choice, it has longevity if done properly. If you are looking for roughcasting in Edinburgh, you are in luck. You can get roughcasting in Edinburgh by, which have countless reviews highlighting their extraordinary work.

Simple Changes To The Kitchen

The kitchen is possibly the most important room in the house. It is also the room that potential buyers focus on the most, especially if not right. Luckily, it is an easy room to fix without breaking the bank.

Starting with the cabinets. If the existing units are fine, but not to your taste, you can achieve a brand new look at a low cost simply by painting them. Adding new handles to cabinets and drawers will also help to change the overall look of your cabinets.

For most buyers, an open plan family kitchen is top of their wish list. This feature is simple to achieve, and if can remove a wall between your kitchen and either adjacent dining or living space, then you could potentially add thousands to your property’s value.

Creating A Little Extra Space

Aside from creating an open plan kitchen, there are other areas of the house that can be slightly renovated to make extra space.

If there is space under the stairs or little pockets of the house, it could be worth converting them into a small bathroom or guest loo. Having a house that has more than one bathroom is an instant bonus to your home’s overall value. If the house is a perfect size for a family, the extra bathroom will most certainly be an appealing factor to potential buyers. Whilst it is difficult to estimate how much value an extra bathroom does add, as it depends on the area on the property, it is an added benefit for a property. Especially when it adds value.

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