A Luxurious Retreat at Weavers’ House Spa, The Swan in Lavenham

A Luxurious Retreat at Weavers’ House Spa, The Swan in Lavenham

By Rachel Ducker

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to experience the serene indulgence of Weavers’ House Spa at The Swan in Lavenham, along with a dear friend. The spa day was thoughtfully complemented by the introduction of The Swan’s new afternoon tea menu, creating a day of complete relaxation and culinary delights.

Spa Time

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed with refreshing smoothies as we completed our consultation forms, setting the tone for the pampering that awaited us. The spa’s ambience was serene, with attentive staff guiding us to our treatments.

One highlight was the indulgent “basq TLC For Mum-To-Be” – a 90-minute sanctuary for expectant mothers. From a soothing head, neck, and shoulder massage to a gentle exfoliation of the bump, every element focused on relaxation and skin rejuvenation. The application of basq Resilient Body Oil and Mega Moisture Butter added a luxurious touch, making it a perfect treat for pregnancy.

We also experienced The Weavers’ Trio, a delightful combination of a breakfast facial, body polish, and express manicure. It was a fabulous mixture of treatments which gave head-to-toe pampering.

The variety left us feeling refreshed and revitalised, showcasing the spa’s commitment to holistic well-being. The best part is the frozen sorbet you receive after your treatment, it’s just the thing you need to awaken you from your relaxed state.

Afterwards, we savoured a calming chamomile tea and macaroon in the relaxation room, a tranquil space that allowed us to unwind before heading to The Swan for the much-anticipated afternoon tea.

On this occasion (due to the school run), our time was limited, but had we stayed longer, we would have taken advantage of the spa’s additional amenities such as a vitality jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, promising an extended escape on future visits.

Watch my visit to Weavers’ House Spa here:

Afternoon Tea

The afternoon tea, served in the main restaurant, proved to be a delightful continuation of our spa experience. The newly introduced “487 Afternoon Tea: Episode One” paid homage to the US 487th Bombardment Group stationed nearby during WWII, offering a modern twist on wartime delights.

The sandwich selection was a nod to the past, featuring a ‘Wartime BLT’ and the intriguingly delicious ‘Lemony egg on white bread.’ The sweet and savory menus reflected wartime inspiration, with highlights including the ‘Wacky’ chocolate cake infused with St Peter’s Brewery 487th Commemorate Ale and peanut butter-themed macarons.

For those with a preference for savoury, the inclusion of St Peter’s 487th Ale in a spam fritter and inventive potato-based dishes showcased the culinary creativity inspired by wartime rationing. The attention to detail, such as the addition of apple chutney stored in Chef’s Nan’s Anderson air raid shelter, added a charming touch to the experience.

Fact box

The 487 Afternoon Tea: Episode One is available from 12 noon to 4 pm Monday to Saturday and 2:30 pm to 4 pm on Sundays, priced at £27.50 per person or £36.50 with a glass of Prosecco.

Booking in advance is essential, ensuring you secure your spot for an extraordinary blend of history, relaxation, and culinary excellence at The Swan in Lavenham. For reservations, call 01787 247 477 or visit www.theswanatlavenham.co.uk.

For spa days and treatments at Weavers’ House Spa visit www.theswanatlavenham.co.uk/spa

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