Car Maintenance Checks To Carry Out This Autumn

Car Maintenance Checks To Carry Out This Autumn

As we leave the warm days of summer behind us, and the colder autumn weather creeps in, there’s no better time to consider carrying out essential car maintenance checks on your car.

Increasingly low temperatures and harsher weather conditions can all affect the safe running of our cars, while budgeting over the months to follow is made easier if you don’t need to make costly repairs to your car.

So, we’ve put together some top tips on what checks you can carry out to ensure the safety of your car this autumn.

Windscreen Wipers

As we all know too well, the British weather is renowned for rainfall, wind, frost and even snow from October through to December. That’s why testing your windscreen wipers are working properly is essential for optimum visibility when driving in difficult weather conditions.

Tyres and Brakes

Perhaps most important of all, when the cold and stormy weather does come along this winter, it is paramount that you can trust that your tyres and brakes are in top working order so that you can stop safely and immediately if required.

If you do find that you need to replace your tyres, this can put you in a difficult position as replacing tyres can mean an expensive trip to the garage.


You’ve probably long forgotten about these since the warm days of summer took over, but you’ll soon be heavily reliant on your heaters again now that the cold weather is beginning to creep in.

Not only is it important to keep you warm inside your car, but it’s also essential when it comes to demisting your windscreen on frosty mornings. Ensure that you check the airflow – If it feels as though there is little or no air coming out, this could be a sign that’s the motor in the heater system could be broken. If you find such an issue and want to fix it, you can check Humphrey products for repair parts.

Fluid Levels

The fluids in your car help to keep everything running safely and smoothly from the inside out. Make sure you check all relevant fluids in your car are at the optimum levels they should be. These include:

– Brake fluid
– Washer fluid
– Engine coolant
– Engine oil
– Transmission fluid

Each fluid has a specific way to check it, and some can be more complicated than others. You can follow this handy fluids guide if you’re unsure of how to check these, or you’d like some tips in doing so.

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