Christmas Traditions in Denmark

Christmas Traditions in Denmark

Christmas in Europe is a magical time across the whole continent. While traditions are similar, each country has its own variations which can make the celebration very interesting. One country that holds the holiday in high esteem is Denmark. Below, we discuss Christmas traditions there.

Christmas Day in Denmark

The Danish hold Christmas on the same day as most of Europe, the 24th of December. This is marked with a feast, usually of meat, boiled potato, and red cabbage. A huge dessert will follow known as a Risalamande. A rice pudding slathered in cherry sauce; it also has one single almond hiding within. Any diner who gets the almond wins an extra gift. You can even make it easy at home using the recipe at

This is followed by the opening of presents which takes place in the evening. Very often, the Christmas tree gets decorated with real candles (yes, this is a fire hazard) and is used to dance around. Candles play a huge part in Christmas, and a girl called Santa Lucia who wears candles in her hair is part of the country’s folklore. She arrives on December 13th, symbolically bringing light to a very dark country in the winter months. Followed by a procession of girls, school children will dress up and have a parade to start the season.

The further north you go, especially in the Winter, the colder and darker it tends to get. Many Danish people use this time to entertain themselves at home. If they are not watching streaming television and movies, then many go online and entertain themselves with casino games, bingo, and slots. In recent years, Danish people have had better resource for finding this kind of entertainment, which in turn has made it more popular. ranks many of the sites available based on several factors, including the best opening offers. This means you can get straight down to play if you are in a hotel or transport and need something to entertain yourself.

Of course, Father Christmas does make a visit to Denmark. However, he goes by the moniker of Julemanden and is accompanied by a trove of naughty elves. One of the family will dress up as him and arrive on the 24th to hand out presents and gifts. 

Christmas Markets

Several Christmas markets take place in various parts of the country. However, the grandest of the festive markets are in Tivoli Gardens, one of Copenhagen’s biggest tourist attractions. A huge amusement park, it is a unique proposition to have many rides and attractions alongside traditional festive fare. The rides and amusements are open during the winter months, pockmarked with stalls selling gifts, treats and drinks. 

Opened in 1843 the park is the third oldest operating amusement park in the world. You must take a go on the Rutschebanen, a wooden roller coaster that dates to 1914. For something more modern you may wish to try The Demon, which allows a VR option alongside its vertical loops and zero-gravity rolls. Opening hours are very few in the winter months so you should check the hours at before attending.

Short days and long, cold winters, make Christmas extremely important in Denmark. We’re sure you’ll agree that the above traditions are a great way to celebrate.

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