Clean and Feel Good with Elbow Grease®’s New Positive Vibe Range

Clean and Feel Good with Elbow Grease®’s New Positive Vibe Range

Elbow Grease®, the trusted name in household cleaning solutions, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation: the Positive Vibe range. Inspired by the feedback and enthusiasm of its loyal fans who attended last year’s Clean & Tidy Home Show, Elbow Grease is dedicated to spreading positivity while tackling household chores.

The Positive Vibe range features a selection of products designed to uplift and energise, turning cleaning into a refreshing and fulfilling experience, with a cheeky sprinkle of feel-good messaging to keep spirits high and homes sparkling.

With messages like “You Are Fabulous,” “Keep Smiling,” “You Got This,” and “Have A Nice Day” printed on the packaging, these little pick-me-ups are sure to uplift your mood.

The products included in the Positive Vibe range are:

– ELBOW GREASE® ALL-PURPOSE DEGREASER: The number one famous product, it’s the only cleaner you’ll ever need for all around your home

– ELBOW GREASE® SCRUB PAD: Perfect for tackling tough stains and grime, with one soft side and one scrubbing side, this scrub pad is your partner in crime to achieve a spotless home

– ELBOW GREASE® GLASS CLEANER: Featuring the encouraging message “Time To Shine,” this glass cleaner leaves windows and mirrors streak-free, reflecting the positivity within your home.

Join Elbow Grease® in spreading positivity, one clean surface at a time, with the new Positive Vibe range. 

To find out more, visit or @elbowgreaseuk.

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