Encouraging essential physical fitness

Encouraging essential physical fitness

Spending time outdoors daily helps keep children fit and healthy physically. Encouraging children to run, jump, climb and chase develops good physical fitness, allowing them to do this can help them to find going outside and exercising more fun and enjoyable as they dont always know how good it is for them. If children are constantly moving around and taking part in physical activities it encourages them to continue to do this as they get older, they can develop different skills or find a new love for a sport.

Doing daily fitness is very important for kids to be introduced to from a young age as they see it as a fun thing they like to do. If a child starts a sport they’re not good at when they’re older they might not enjoy it and persuade them to quit. However if children have the opportunity to use outdoor play equipment it can develop different skills such as motor skills, hand and eye coordination and muscle growth. This is important because when kids grow up they will need upper and lower body muscles to help them do minor tasks throughout the day, it can also help them with weight if they are under or over.

Provides a break from the everyday

Giving children the chance to spend time in nature provides children with the opportunity to switch off and give their brains a break from anything they might be struggling with whether it’s school, work or home. Allowing children to burn off energy outside can help them to focus better in a classroom. Letting kids explore nature and be outside provides a new and exciting environment for them. Also another outdoor play benefit for kids can help them to go home feeling more relaxed and tired and ready for bed earlier because they have burnt off their energy.

Healthy Habits

Having children’s outdoor play equipment can help to encourage kids to get involved in school sports activities or out of school sports. This will positively impact themas it will help keep them healthy and benefit them later in life giving them sports opportunities to pursue. It can also encourage them to make the right decisions about food and help them to maintain a healthy weight. It’s very important for children to have a healthy relationship with foods as they need to know the right things to be eating and how much, as children grow up they can develop different eating disorders that can negatively impact their weight so it’s extremely important for them to have healthy eating habits.

Vitamin D

vitamin D is essential for a child’s development, helping to maintain a healthy body and mind, spending time in the sun is very beneficial for them. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and phosphate; these help bones, muscles, and teeth to stay healthy. This is very important for children as it helps them to grow and be healthy. However too much vitamin D can be harmful to children, if they are exposed to the sun for too long they can have burns or heat stroke. Thats why its very important to stay hydrated and have sun cream on whilst you or your children are out enjoying the sun.

Overall its very beneficial for children to be outside enjoying nature, it has many positives and helps them grow. It also helps to reduce any stress they may be feeling, and can make being in class easier for them as they can concentrate better with a clear mind. Allowing children to be outside in the sun can encourage them to explore and encounter new experiences with nature. A great benefit of being outdoors for children is they can build new skills and find new hobbies for them to do.

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