Five of the best revision hacks for students

Five of the best revision hacks for students

Exams can create lots of stress for students – but being prepared can help to alleviate many revision worries. In this article, we’re highlighting five key revision hacks for students to follow for a healthy and anxiety-free revision experience. Hey, in the end, you might even enjoy it.

1. Create a schedule

Try to avoid any last-minute cramming and organise yourself a realistic and manageable workload to calmly revise.

Handwritten lists are a great tool to reduce anxiety and can also help when you’re trying to focus on the positives. Therefore, creating a revision schedule can help a student to set clear goals and avoid becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done.

Just like crossing tasks off a ‘to do’ list, seeing that you’ve completed each subject in your revision schedule will offer a feeling of accomplishment and help you feel in control.

2. Print it

Not everyone reads comfortably from a screen, so if you struggle to absorb information from a laptop or tablet, why not print your revision notes and lecture slides? This way you can use your paper copies to add tabs, highlight important information and add notes in pen.

You can easily pick up affordable ink cartridges and paper to keep printing costs down, so this is also a budget-friendly option for any student.

It could be a great idea to print your revision schedule, too – just imagine how satisfying it will be to cross off each task as you go!

3. Choose somewhere quiet

Your lively student house or the local coffee shop might not be the best places to facilitate focus. So finding somewhere quiet and calm can be crucial for allowing students to concentrate on revision.

Booking a spot in the silent area of a library is a popular option. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to experience pleasant weather, you might also have a favourite serene space to get a productive chunk of revision ticked off your schedule.

4. Maintain healthy habits

Anything you can do to avoid heightening stress levels during your revision period will not only be good for your revision efforts, but more importantly, for your health.

So it’s important to take regular breaks to allow yourself some breathing space which will also allow you to absorb the information you’ve just taken in. Get some fresh air and eat healthy, energy-boosting snacks and also stay hydrated by drinking water – your brain will thank you.

5. Remove distractions

When we talk of distractions, we mean anything that impacts your capacity to pay attention. It’s probably best to remove tech such as mobile phones and tablets as you’ll be tempted to message friends and check social media.

Allowing external messaging into your revision bubble could be detrimental to the essential information you need to memorise. So, if you need to, use your fresh air and snack breaks to check in with friends and family.

We hope these five key revision hacks have helped you feel more confident for your upcoming exams. Remember to be kind to yourself and work to your schedule and you’ll be prepared for success.

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