How to Explore the World from Your Screens the East Anglian Way

How to Explore the World from Your Screens the East Anglian Way

If there’s one aspect of leisurely everyday life that East Anglians love, it’s modern entertainment. Over 15 cinemas are dotted around the region to deliver the latest films while streaming service subscriptions to the likes of Netflix and Prime Video continue to grow. Of course, East Anglia also isn’t immune to the allures of one of the biggest new-ish sectors of entertainment, gaming, with Norwich hosting an annual gaming festival to bring together communities of gamers, which has proven to be very popular.

With the lacklustre summer in the rear-view mirror and winter on the horizon, many people will still be clamouring to travel around the world, see new sights, experience different cultures, and meet new people. With an affinity for modern entertainment in place, we’ve found titles within the immersive mediums of film and gaming which can whisk you away to another part of the world, and even provide inspiration for your summer travels next year.

Travel the world through the lens of these top movies

With top-class storytelling complemented by exotic settings and incredible cinematography, watch these movies to travel from Africa to southern Europe, and over to Malaysia.

When people think about travelling to Africa, the likes of Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa come to mind, and yet there is such a wide variety of destinations across the vast continent. One of which is Malawi, an inspirational nation which has turned its focus to massive wildlife reintroduction and conservation programs in recent years. Just as inspiring is ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,’ which proved to be a well-reviewed, Malawi-set directorial debut for British actor Chiwetel Umeadi Ejiofor.

Some of the most legendary films of all-time come under the spaghetti western genre, famously headlined by the likes of director Sergio Leone and actor Clint Eastwood. What was fascinating about them was that they were invariably set in North America, mostly made by Italian directors, but regularly filmed in Spain. The Andalucían plains of Almería were regularly used as the setting, including in the classic ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

There are very few good films that focus on the sport of football, but one film that stands out is that of ‘Ola Bola.’ Based on a true story about the late-70s Malaysian football team, it’s an uplifting tale that also showcases some locations that will undoubtedly help to fulfil your wanderlust. Filming took place in the likes of Perak, Johor, and Kuala Lumpur, but the most notable site was Broga Hill, used for an early morning training session in the film.

Get a hands-on experience of places from around the world

Movies are an exciting and relaxing way to escape to another world, but through games, you can get a deeper experience as it’s you who is the star of the show, exploring and winning as you go. Through these games, you can experience the epic settings of Japan, the United States, and northern India.

One of the most visually-stunning creations to hit video gaming over the last seven years (this console generation) is ‘Ghost of Tsushima.’ Set on the real island of Tsushima in the 13th Century, during the Mongol invasions, the open world is nothing short of stunning, as is the infusion of Japanese custom, culture, and even some aspects of mythology.

In terms of having an exciting and unique getaway, Las Vegas is the destination of choice for those looking to go to the United States. The game ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ decided to explore the area around the famous city in a post-apocalyptic story, with plenty of classic Las Vegas aspects, such as the casinos and clubs, infused into the Nevada area. Those who want a more real-world experience of the infamous city have plenty of free online slots to play that are taken directly from Vegas itself, with the likes of ‘Buffalo’ delivering the Sin City experience from any screen.

India is a vast and vibrant nation, with the experience of travelling around the northern regions being very different from adventuring down south. In the unique indie title ‘Raji,’ you’re transported into the setting of the northern state of Rajasthan, surrounded by the spectacular architecture and smooth tones of the land. ‘Raji’ goes another step further, however, sinking you into the world of Indian mythology to infuse some culture into the epic setting.

You may be at home, with little more than your phone, computer, or television at hand, but you can experience the far regions of the world by venturing into these movies and games.

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