Love desserts? Experience BakesterBox: The incredible subscription baking box for 5* treats

Love desserts? Experience BakesterBox: The incredible subscription baking box for 5* treats

When Tamsin Robinson was five, she received her first cookbook. Now, she’s the founder of a game-changing baking box BakesterBox – which is even available on a monthly subscription. 

Tamsin, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef, had spent a decade creating delicious cakes and patisserie for private and corporate clients, but decided it was time to share her skills and equip others with the tools and knowledge to create fabulous bakes, too. 

In July 2020, BakesterBox was born. 

BakesterBox came about during the Covid-19 pandemic’s first lockdown. Stuck at home, with no way to work in a pastry kitchen as she had previously planned, Tamsin started writing online recipe content for a local magazine. She received lots of questions about substitutions and ingredients, and realised that people wanted to bake at home but did not necessarily have the ingredients (or scales!) needed. 

So, she thought: why not provide others with everything they need to bake, and bake really well using premium ingredients that she had become accustomed to ever since studying at Le Cordon Bleu?

Tamsin, 31, from London, says she has a huge sweet tooth, and also has a degree in Contemporary Chinese Studies. Before BakesterBox, she worked in the Investment Management Industry, while making celebration cakes as a side hustle.

But now, BakesterBox is her priority, and the response has been amazing. 

Each box is filled with professional quality ingredients similar to those used by top chefs in 5* hotel and Michelin-level pastry kitchens, handy baking tools like dough scrapers and piping bags, and easy-to-follow baking tutorials. All of this ensures you can #bakeyourbest at home! 

Tamsin said: “My dreams are for BakesterBox to be able to offer more patisserie-style items, like tartlets, choux pastry and mousses to give my customers even more of a pastry-chef experience at home. Of course, I would love for the business to grow and become a well-recognised brand nationwide too.

“Eventually, I hope to own a bricks-and-mortar patisserie where customers could come and sit in for cakes (and Afternoon Tea!), take in-person baking classes using BakesterBox kits and purchase baking kits to take home.”

Tamsin’s best-selling products are the Cinnamon Bun kits and the Valrhona Dark Chocolate Tart kits. 

The Cinnamon bun kits have eight different ingredient components, all individually packaged – they sell really well on Not on the High Street, in particular. 

The Dark Chocolate Tart kits have five components, but also include exoglass tart rings – a more specialist item. 

Tamsin’s customers love BakesterBox – and we hope you will, too! And, with Christmas coming up, we’d love to offer you a box to experience yourself. Plus, baking is super cathartic, so perfect to do after a busy day.

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